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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – I’m going to tell this story because I’m going to have to start motivating people personally here.  I had never listened to talk radio in my entire life.  I thought it was grandpa stuff.  You couldn’t have paid me to go to 870 AM unless I as on my way home from a Saints game and I wanted to listen to Buddy D.  The only reason I would have gone to that channel would have been for Buddy D, and just for post-game, not for talk radio.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  This is the Veritas Radio Network Crusade Channel.  If you are not a member and have not signed up for a Founders Pass yet – I got to tell you, I’ve been promising to give the radio away every hour.  Kreslins is promising to give the radio away.  I think maybe the membership form must be broken.  Not even offering free radios, desktop Grace Digital, MONDO Radios has moved anyone for membership this week.  Last week we slaughtered them.  We were hitting the quote every day last week.  This week I guess we’ll just chalk it up to experience.  If you are not a member and you’d like download access and to support our cause here, remember, we take this radio directly to you.  That’s the way this works.

LISTEN TO THIS SEGMENT FOR FREE, “Don’t cost nuthin’ ” But You SHOULD Become A Founders Pass Member and Invest in The CRUSADE Channel & Veritas Radio Network.

David Simpson:  If we don’t get 100 new members this month, at least 100, for the drawing, I’m going to buy the balance.  Let’s say we have 20 people who join.  I’m going to buy 80 and win the radio.

Mike:  No, you’re not.

Simpson:  It’s that simple.

Mike:  He’s going to buy 80 and win the radio.  All you have to do is sign up to be a Founders Pass member.  Then you’re automatically entered into the drawing, which we will do – it’s Leap Year this year.  We’ve got 29 days in February, an extra day to pull that member #100 in.  If the trend from last week had kept up, we would have hit 200 members for this month.  The 100 would have been an easy piece of cake.  If you want to support our effort here – I like to explain this because – as I say every day, if I don’t, who’s going to do it?  Nobody from the Washington Post has knocked on our door.  CBS News and 60 Minutes has not decided to come in yet.  Darn, missed out on that one.  Sean Hannity and Mark Levin haven’t interviewed me yet, and neither has Glenn Beck about this startup, 24-hour-a-day, 7-day totally original – there’s no programming that comes from anyone other than the hosts on this channel, the Crusade Channel.  They are legion and they are very talented.

If I don’t describe what’s going on here and explain this to the listener who may be tuning in for the first time, then who is going to do it?  The explanation is this: We take the middleman out.  There’s no Clear Channel, no Time Warner, no Sirius XM, no Talk Radio Network.  There’s no big, giant media conglomerate controlling our shows or telling us what we can do and what we can’t do.  We’re all just very dedicated people to the concept of truth, conforming our mind to reality, from various points of view, and covering various subjects here.  It’s as robust a lineup on talk radio as you can get.  We ask for your help.  If you’re listening right now, then you’re on the ground floor.  It doesn’t get any more ground floor than this.  You have an opportunity to be a part of something great.

David, one of the biggest bitches, and yes, I said bitches, bitches – one of the biggest bitches I have heard in the course of my career has been this, [mocking] “Yeah, man, if we just do something about the liberal media.”  Okay.  All of you have an opportunity now to do something about the liberal media.  What are you doing?  I can’t make you – David and I can’t go, and Michael George and Greg Carpenter, can’t go and make you and force you spread the word to your friends – you know how I found out about the Rush Limbaugh Show?

I’m going to tell this story because I’m going to have to start motivating people personally here.  I had never listened to talk radio in my entire life.  I thought it was grandpa stuff.  You couldn’t have paid me to go to 870 AM unless I as on my way home from a Saints game and I wanted to listen to Buddy D.  The only reason I would have gone to that channel would have been for Buddy D, and just for post-game, not for talk radio.  I kept hearing about this guy, people I was playing volleyball with and stuff.  I kept hearing about this.  One day I decided: What the hell?  I’m going to listen to it.  Word of mouth works.

Twelve people is not going to cut it.  Every time David is here, when he’s on his show he beseeches you, Kreslins beseeches you every morning.  I see the numbers and I know there were thousands of you.  We’ve got to multiply this if you want an answer to the liberal media.  If this isn’t it, please direct me to where it is.

Simpson:  We’re doing a promotion, obviously.  You can win a radio by joining.  That’s not what we’re trying to do.  We’re not trying to get you to win a radio.  We sometimes –

Mike:  We’re trying to enlist you in our army here, our crusade.

Simpson:  That’s exactly it.  I think people need to take it a lot more serious, not that I’m trying to berate the audience any.  You do just have to go out to your family and friends.  If you say, “I’ve already tried that,” then try again.

Mike:  Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Simpson:  Broaden your circles.  You’d be surprised how many friends you can come across.  Buy a Crusade jacket.  Walk around and when somebody says: What does that mean, Crusade on your chest?

Mike:  Maggie O’Connell has Crusade polos, don’t you?  You ought to put two of them on sale right now for whatever they cost.  Those things are expensive.

Simpson:  My thing is this, Mike.  I think Joseph Pearce said it yesterday.  Christians have never had it easy.  We’re moving into a darker night, a much darker night.  Very likely persecution is coming here as they’re going on around the world.  That’s all bad news.  The good news is, as the night gets darker, the light gets lighter, in other words, one little flicker of a flame.  That’s what we’re trying to keep alive here, which is one group that stays dedicated to saying: We’re going to promote the truth and we’re never going to back away from it, never going to shy away from it.  We will be your voice.  I know these voices are resonating with you because people have told me: Gosh, I never hear anything else like that on the radio.  The voice is definitely resonating, but it’s got to resonate with more people, not because we’re trying to create some large, giant enterprise, but because we’re trying to create little cells around the country that say: We’ll stand with you.  By the way, this isn’t for me and Mike.  You’re going to start your own republic wherever you sit.  You’re going to have an incredible impact on your society around you, not at this very moment, but over the long-term you’re going to, because you’re going to be the thing that’s alive when everything else is dying around you.

Mike:  What did Chesterton say?  Only the living swim upstream.  The dead are floating with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Simpson:  By the way, Mike doesn’t elaborate on this very much.  The value of an independent and free press – here’s your lesson for this evening.  Go turn on ABC, then CBS and NBC and tell me the variation in the news.  The answer is there is no variation.  They all get their news from the same place.  It’s all pumped into them.  Yes, there’s a few little editorial decisions made locally, but for the most part they’re all covering the same stories.  They’re all looking at it from the same angle.  They’re not varying the message any.  It’s pure indoctrination.  If you don’t like it, do something about it.

Mike:  Do something about it.  You can sign up to be a Founders Pass Member at the site.  You can now download the TuneIn app.  It’s free, don’t cost nothing.  Here’s another way.  [mocking] “I don’t have any friends.”  Well, do you have a button?  Do you have a finger?  Download the TuneIn app.  It’s free.  It doesn’t cost anything.  It don’t cost nothing.  When you find Veritas Radio Network – if the thousands of people that are listening to me right now would go on their phones and download that app today, doesn’t cost anything, when it comes up, even if you don’t like us, just do it just to piss off the liberal media.  Just hit like.  If that counter were to go to 1,000 today, I’d say we’re really doing something.  When I ask the counter to go up – it goes from can you guys please help us push it out there because ratings matter.  Maggie O’Connell will say: Well, you had 71 yesterday and now you have 139.  It’s an increase in 60 that day.  Wouldn’t it be magnificent, though, if people would start taking notice if the increase was 1,000 a day?

Even if you just did it one time, you raise the rankings of where we have access to 60 million potential listeners via TuneIn.  That’s their number, not mine.  Via Google Play, 200-plus million potential listeners via the Google Play Store and the Veritas Radio Network app, which does work last time I checked.  No, it doesn’t have bells and whistles, but if you hit Listen Now, it works., last I checked, works., the big giant button at the top of the page works.  There are opportunities there for any of us to actually move – for what you guys have been telling me the last three or four years of this show’s existence here, on the old station in the old country, [mocking] “Nothing like it.  If they ever take you off satellite, I’m going to go wherever you go.”  Many of you did and thank you.  That’s great that you came.  Now we’ve got to get your friends, some of them.  Pretty soon then we become the establishment that I once railed against.

Simpson:  I’ll tell you another medium that’s dying.  Internet radio is growing.  Print media is dying, right?  I love certain journals.  There are certain journals and magazines that I love.

Mike:  The St. Austin Review.

Simpson:  I will regularly buy gift subscriptions to my friends for those journals.  I know it’s a dying thing.  I know more than likely the magazine and newspaper is going to go the way of the dinosaur.  It doesn’t matter.  While it’s still alive, and while there’s still excellent writing being done out there, and while there’s an avenue to give information to other people, I give it away.

Mike:  My wife tells me every morning when we get up – I get up before she does.  By the time I come out of the shower and my little prayer routine, she’s in there tapping her foot: Really, 40 minutes, Mike, really?  Hey, man, I’ve got a lot of saints to pray to.  I’ve got a lot of stuff going on.  I start the car and get the newspaper and bring it in.  I put the newspaper on the counter.  She picks it up between the thumb and her forefinger like it’s infected.  She picks it up and then walks it over to the trash and drops it.  I go: Why did you do that?  She goes: You know I don’t read that thing and you don’t read it either.  I say: Sometimes I actually do read it.  I buy that subscription for the same reason.  I want to keep John Georges in business because I believe in newspaper.  I like print.  Even though if just once a week or twice a week I thumb through it and read it, I maintain that subscription.

Simpson:  I buy the little local newspaper.  You know why?  For two reasons.  As a former lawyer, that’s where all the legal postings were.  You had a look at that to see who was getting sued and find out if you had a case or not.  It’s just a small-town little paper.  Circulation is probably 15,000 maybe, something like that.  All the news you’re going to need to know about for your town is in that little paper.  I’m going to try to run an article about this network in there.  I think it’s important that the local community knows about us as well.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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