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HEADLINE: Pence leaves open the possibility of nuclear weapons in space by Robert Costa

AUDIO: National Security/Trump/Star Wars

  • Right because Putin is hanging out thinking about nuking America.
  • Pence added, “What we want to do is continue to advance the principle that peace comes through strength.”
  • “Transformers: Space” policy summit – WAIT…is this really a thing? If so, WHY is this a real thing?

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Migrant Caravan –

  • Clinging to the few items they have, they are leaving on the side of the street!
  • As these migrants approach another town, what are they doing about sanitation?
  • The whole thing stinks.

HEADLINE: Louie Gohmert calls for RICO probe to find out who’s paying for Honduras migrant caravan by Monica Showalter

  • What will they be if these States are dumb enough to take them in?
  • Do they want to become American citizens?

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HEADLINE: More Emails Pull Back The Curtain On Obama-Era Abortions For Underage Illegal Aliens by Margot Cleveland

  • Why are there any children in this migrant caravan?
  • Obama made it available and FREE for immigrants to kill their babies when they want them on demand.
  • Calculate the cost in permanent government jobs that have to be hired in the new Office of Refuge Resettlement.
  • Robert Higgs wrote a book about this back in the day. ‘Crisis and Leviathan’

Back to the HEADLINE:

  • The ORR under Obama did not merely transport or transfer girls to avoid parental consent. It also appears, from the email correspondence, that pregnant minors, called unaccompanied alien children or UAC, were transferred to other states to obtain late-term abortions.
  • This is the SAME thing Gosnell was doing in Philadelphia.
  • 26 weeks is totally legal in New York
  • The Boncimino Babies were born at 24 and 26 1/2 weeks in New York.
  • To see to it that no alterations to the 26 week get passed into law while he is Governor.

HEADLINE: 63 remains of fetuses removed from Perry Funeral Home in Detroit by Bill Laitner

  • They would have you believe Gosnell was a fluke. That most abortion facilities don’t do stuff like that…well then you have THIS story.


  • While little else can be done at this point, these emails are nonetheless significant because they expose the extreme views of those leading the ORR program under the Obama administration—so extreme that they wanted girls to have access to late-term abortions, without any parental involvement, and with federal funding if at all possible. These facts deserve to be known.

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HEADLINE: SHOCK: Pope to Celebrate New Rite of Mass at Closing of Youth Synod by Whispers of Restoration

  • Here is what is fascinating about this particular piece, as you are reading this….



HEADLINE: Teens targeted by animated Netflix ‘Big Mouth’ show promoting abortion, Planned Parenthood by James Risdon

TeenVogue – who do they pitch this to? TEEN girls!

Here is the Teen Vogue commercial Mike is talking about VIDEO HERE

  • Homosexuals cannot create babies so why would they need Planned Parenthood?
  • Abortion makes up 98% of what Planned Parenthood does.

Mike tells story of neighbors children with Netflix accounts on their iPhones.








Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

Hugh Owen – Father Robinson is an evolutionist!

  • Kolbe Center wrote a response to this.
  • Most Protestants would agree with the Nicene Creed to a point, but they don’t believe it all.
  • Most Protestants would profess that.
  • What does a sacristan do?

Book : The Realist Guide to Religion and Science by Paul Robinson

  • All of the Fathers assumed the literal sense of 11 chapters of Genesis.
  • No one in the Church before Darwin that Adam and Eve were a product of evolution.
  • Discussion of a woodpecker physical aspects vs other birds.
  • All of these things would have had to evolve simultaneously! Can you explain that?
  • The mathematically likelihood of this happening is 0.0.
  • The Church is NOT anti-science!

BOOK : Genesis According To The Saints edited by Daniel M Clough

  • It doesn’t have every single answers that humans can pose but it does for all the important questions. Existential and Moral questions…absolutely!
  • They are selectively listening to a group of people they selected. It is a dangerous echo chamber.
  • I can’t recall a time since my confirmation in 1991 that is as publicly exposed as he is today.
  • Once you start messing with the fundamental teachings of Holy Mother Church, what’s next?
  • Contraception – in modern days it comes from the same filthy spawn of Henry the 8th.

ReConquest Episode 150: Canonizations Infallible or Not?

Bread of Life book –

Two Powerful Points I gained from the beginning of this book: this is straight apologetics right here!

  • This explanation is as good as it gets!
  • It is a life altering book, it changed my life. It made a huge difference for me in my life. Father Feeney was a poet and his gift for words is on display in this book. It makes you realize the incarnate nature of Christianity. You can’t have an order of things with their being sacraments, Bishops and Priests.
  • Harvard Suicides and Father Feeney tells the Dean of Harvard – “What do you expect them to do when you just told them they were dependents of monkeys?!”

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HEADLINE: Why Catholic Teaching Is ‘Increasingly Embarrassing’ to Church Leaders (Part 1) by Edward Pentin

  • In the first of this two-part interview, philosophy professor Thomas Pink explains why forgetting that we live in a fallen, unconverted world of largely unbaptized people has led many Church leaders to falsely believe the Church can peacefully dialogue with it.
  • This guy wants people to own up to the fact that if you confess or own up to the truth that we have tons of luke-warm ninnies in the Catholic Church.
  • Dude be very careful, they will come to fire you soon.


BREAKING NEWS: suspicious packages



  • What we call the civilized world is made civil by its luke-warm practices of Christianity.

HEADLINE: The Disappearance of Men by Dario McDarby

  • Basically he is calling out the modern day man.
  • As Richard Barrett calls them Soy-Boys.
  • We are living in the age of wilted men. Men today are bereft of faith and reason, virtue and character, honor and dignity. Men are empty vessels because the enemy has emptied them of the Catholic Faith.
  • With the rise of feminism and women in the workplace, many women lost their natural loving instincts. Consequently, the family fell into disarray, morals declined and birth rates plummeted.”
  • All you Trads, rigids and radicals – all you want is for the women to be put back into the kitchen.
  • The man is good at going out and killing beasts, he is biologically made to go out and forage for the family.
  • The two are reliant upon each other. Feminist say that women can do whatever without the assistance of a man.
  • This is absolutely wrong.

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

Special Guest Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief doing a rundown of what’s coming up next!

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