The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Obama To Hard Working Americans: Vacations For Me But Not For Thee

Our fearless, overworked Dear Leader tells St Louis TV interviewer that WE know that HE works hard and deserves all this First Family road trips

The Obama’s NEEDED Michelle’s $321k salary according to the Envier in Chief

Buy more “Audacity…” books! Obama’s escape having to pay the “Buffet Rule” tax penalty he has been hawking

Writer claims he has solved the great mystery of life: Why Libs and Conservatives disagree is because they THINK differently, That’s funny considering that most “conservatives” have adopted much more of the progressive world view than the other way around

Secret Service agents were secretly doing business with prostitutes – (There’s a joke in here about G-Men tiring of watching the President screwing so many people!)

Shocker! Ron Paul supporters team with Santorum supporters in CO to win unprecedented amounts of delegates to Tampa

New polls show that the American sheople are tired of the amount of $$ spent on the military…gee, now where have I heard that before!?

“Conservative…tribes” have adopted George Zimmerman as their cause celebrate because liberals picked the OTHER SIDE as opposed to defending a principle or tradition

If you are into reading pedantic monologues about the plight of women and how Hillary Rosen should be heralded as Moses with hair highlights, then read this screed

Brad Birzer channels Russell Kirk to help flesh out a developing narrative that I think is most important: “Conservatism” has become ideology cloaked in a fog of faux tradition

A tale of two tornadoes: AL town insists on Leviathan as the way the truth & the rebuilding light while KS town trusts in free markets-which one do you think is working out better?

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