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Our Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World aka What Is A Pre-k 4 & Why Am I Subsidizing It?

©2012 Mike Church

In the 1963 comedy film “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World2” an ensemble cast goes on a frantic search for loot buried by a bank robber. The mob finally gets the loot only to have it showered over a parade watching crowd. That pretty well sums up the American version of self government these days, governments go in search of loot buried in citizens wallets, dig it out for a specified purpose and then watch it showered over crowds it was never intended for.

Take the latest case of tax insanity in Jefferson Parish, Pre-k 4 “schools” which are costing the parish millions every year for what amounts to publicly subsidized day-care. School Board President Mark Jacobs and Superintendent James Maza insist that the “program” is an essential part of early childhood education1, HA! Jacobs has to say that to provide official cover for what’s really going on.

In a time not so long ago, teaching 4 year olds was called “parenting” but  it’s not that simple anymore.

You see, 82% of  parents must now work to make the old homestead payment, keep the 3 iPhones tuned on used to schedule 364 channels of DirectTV on the homes 4 flat panel HD TVs, thus the need for someone to babysit the toddlers. That’s where Pre-4k schools pick up the slack charging a nominal fee of up to $500 per month, while unsuspecting taxpayers get stuck with the remaining $2100 per year, wow.

Let’s review: the parish needs taxpaying parents to work and pay taxes which are collected then showered on the babysitters made necessary by the parish’s need for taxes to start with. The parents need to pay for their iPhones and have less money to do so because federal, state and parish tax collectors took most of it to pay the baby sitters made necessary by the parish’s need for taxes.

Is this a “Mad, mad, mad, mad world” or what!?



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El Jefe

Now I’m going to make some Old Fashioneds the Old Fashioned way. The way dear old dad used to make them.


Angastora bitters, a maraschino cherry, 1/2 navel orange sliced and 1 tblsp simple syrup, muddle in a glass, topped with Pernod whiskey, ice and then shaken lightly. (I was once a bartender, can ya tell?)

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