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Veritas et Sapientia

Veritas et Sapientia – Once Taxing Is Legal Your Batteries Aren’t Safe

Mandeville, LA - From John Taylor of Caroline County's magnificent argument on the Constitutionality of  The Carriage Tax, available here. A reference to the progress of the excise in England, will illustrate this insatiable construction. It commenced about a century past, and has since glided along until it has mingled its poison with almost every human enjoyment.Its ravages have already been extended to beer, ale, cyder, perry, metheglin, mead, strong […]

todayApril 8, 2019 3


The Clinton Media’s Manufactured Reality by Ilana Mercer

The Clinton Media’s Manufactured Reality By Ilana Mercer The Clinton Media have gone from malfunctioning to mad, from “dishonest” to deranged. Their coverage of the 2016 election is no longer tinged by liberal bias, but is about moving viewers and readers into a parallel universe, an alternate reality of the media’s making. The media monolith’s latest imbecility is tto offer effusive plaudits for their candidate, Hillary, because this life-long politician […]

todayAugust 15, 2016

Founders Television

“The Power to Tax Involves the Power to Destroy”

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Video and Audio - McCulloch vs Maryland was a landmark decision by the Supreme Court of the United States in that it put the power to tax in the hands of the Federal Government instead of the states so when Chief Justice John Marshall said "The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy" he was actually talking about the STATES! McCulloch vs Maryland happened at […]

todayJuly 30, 2015 31

Founders Television

It Is The Government’s Duty… To Tax Your Booty

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Video and Audio - Think you can keep your booty (Websters - "a rich gain or prize") from being taxed? Maybe by going the 1099 route on your income? Nope, not gonna happen. Everywhere you go, you are taxed. Buying gas? Taxed. Buying Groceries? Taxed. Using a cell phone? Taxed. I think you get the picture. All of these items have Federal taxes on them, and […]

todayJuly 15, 2015 1

Daily Clip

Either You Have Traditions or You Start New Ones

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Transcript - This Clip of The Day was originally aired and published on May 15,2012 and is part of the Founders Pass Flashback Collection. If you want to get married and you want to call it a traditional marriage, then go to a traditional church and get married.  Find a parson that will do the deed, bow obeisance to that canon from that church and […]

todayJune 8, 2015

Keystone Pipeline commentary

Church Doctrine

Nagin Gets 10 Years For Emulating The Public

Mandeville LA - Americans have come to expect their political leaders to promise them paradise then deliver them into Hades yet when one follows through on this claim their reward is a punishment more severe than most criminal offenders receive, why? To answer this question let’s look at the most recent political pied-piper to deliver fire and brimstone: Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. Nagin was convicted on 20 counts of […]

todayJuly 10, 2014


Big Government Needs The IRS Like We Need The Sun

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – All this protestation and all this hooting and hollering and all this stuff that’s going on, in all the fundraising that’s going on with Tea Party groups sending their little letters out asking, [mocking] “You must support us now in this our darkest hour of need. We’ve got to get rid of Obama.” At the end of the day, none of this will result […]

todayMay 17, 2013

Founders Television

Mark Kreslins: “I Say End The IRS Completely. CAN I GET AN AMEN!?”

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Video and Audio - They want to launch investigations into this scandal that's going on at the IRS. But what does that mean? Maybe a couple of people go to jail... MAYBE. But what would really be the best thing that could happen? The ending of the IRS. End the income tax. End the payroll tax. And you know how you do it, by restoring Federalism... […]

todayMay 16, 2013 2

Founders Television

Get Ready For a 1099-SU (That’s 1099-SCREW YOU)

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Video and Audio - So if you shop from more than just Amazon, what is the state going to do? Send you a 1099-SU (that's 1099-Screw You... for shopping online) at the end of the year? There are supposedly more than 9,000 taxing jurisdiction's out there, do you think they are really going to send out that many, and keep good enough records to do so, […]

todayMay 7, 2013