Parkland Fl Shooting: Demons Keep Coming For The Kids, When Will We Admit Our Problem Is Spiritual!?

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Mandeville, LA – Mike’s been saying for almost 2 years “[t]he demons are ascendent, they’ve come for the kids and they aren’t taking ‘no’ for an answer.” Now with the burials of another 17 victims, murdered in a public place and on a Sacred, Holy Day -Ash Wednesday, what is left to be said over the usual “talking points” of gun control, school “security” etc? A culture that legally sanctions the murder of the soon-to-be-born should expect this carnage to RISE until reparations are made and mortal sin is made illegal again.

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Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
6:13 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on February 15, 2018 LIVE with Special Guest Michael Matheson Miller director/producer of Poverty Inc

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  • $650 billion defense against the “bad guys”
  • American citizens have been responsible for more human souls than any act of terrorism committed since 9-11
  • Have you noticed these shootings are occurring on Holy Sunday’s and Holy Days of Obligation?
  • Las Vegas Shooting – happened on a Sunday 57 dead (not counting the shooter) and wounded 489 *by the way, there has still been no video from the casino to be released, coincidence?
  • San Antonio Texas Shooting – happened on a Sunday Baptist Church 26 dead
  • Florida School Shooting – happened on Ash Wednesday 17 dead


HEADLINE: FLORIDA SHOOTING: Florida gov: Shooting ‘absolutely pure evil’

  • What are public schools these days? They are indoctrination facilities of LGBTQ, promiscuity, and much more yet we wonder why these shootings occur in so many schools.



 HEADLINE: REVEALED: Expelled gunman in gas mask and armed with smoke grenades ‘SET OFF fire alarm so he could draw students into halls for maximum devastation’ before shooting dead 17 people

  • If everyone knew he was a nut, why didn’t someone do something about it?
  • Restraining order against him? REALLY (check out audio from 6am News with anchor Celeste Youngblood



Rick Barrett with the Barrett Brief – abortion statistics from his LIVE show

  • The womb is the most unsafe place for a person to be. More life will be taken voluntarily this year, last year than all other ways.
  • You should add these aborted children to the 17 that were murdered yesterday!






back to headline: Expelled gunman in gas mask

  • Normalizing “mental illness” is partially to blame for this.
  • Today everything is NORMAL, do want you want, be what you want
  • He was part of the JROTC in his school
  • Worst School Shootings In The Last 20 Years
  • from Benton, Kentucky 2018 all the way to Jonesboro, Arkansas 1998
  • So in the past 20 years we have lost 156 souls to shootings (including the shooters that took their own lives after the deed)
  • Including the 17 from yesterday, that number is now: 173 (5 are still in the hospital fighting for their lives)
  • How many high school kids are ready to meet Our Lord?
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HEADLINE: Wounded Beauty: Suffering & the Arts by Joseph Pearce

  • solidarity
  • “These men fixate on how many millions of years life on Earth w/o even looking at what it takes for one man to live 5 minutes on Earth.” Brother Francis
  • This didn’t happen because of evolution! This happened b/c the Creator wanted it to happen.
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back to Joseph Pearce Wounded Beauty 

  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • If he is so powerful, why does he permit the innocent to suffer?
  • In our world today, we don’t do suffering…we cannot be bothered with suffering.
  • “How else but through a broken heart may Lord Christ enter in?” – Oscar Wilde
  • The Lord went through a passion, maybe you heard about it? He suffered greatly himself!
  • (He) felt emotional pain just as we do.
  • He allowed his own son to take human form which is pain enough and He allowed Him to suffer.
  • Suffering is part of Christian living
  • Animals do NOT suffer as man suffers, they do not have the faculties to suffer.











Caller: Rick Barrett host of the Barrett Brief

  • Updated news on Florida shooting
  • New featured number on abortions in his show World Heath Organization these are numbers in the whole world not just the US
  • Legal protection is a sin that everyone of us will have to pay for that

Men grab your weapon (rosary) and get in the game.

Shooting -Nikolas Cruz said he wanted to be “professional school shooter’ to YouTube blogger months ago

  • “I’m going to do what he did.”
  • All the warning signs were there.
  • What happened to the “if you see something, say something”?
  • There is nothing that cannot be simulated in a video game.
  • We seem to be becoming more militarized not less.
  • We are trying to get the idea out that we as Americans have replaced God with government. Our order is WRONG.
  • What is the ultimate cause of all of these shootings?
  • There are over 4,000 students at that school. So is is shocking that a child goes unnoticed or neglected?



Marxism has been condemned by many Popes

  1. death
  2. judgement
  3. heaven
  4. hell

RERUM NOVARUM Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on Capital and Labor

8:25 I just noticed something, this kids hair is dyed red, the kid that shot up the theatre dyed his hair red too. What color is associated with the devil? RED
8:28 HEADLINE: If America Wasn’t America, The United States Would Be Bombing It  by Darius Shahtahmasebi
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Special Guest Michael Matheson Miller

  • We have had Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders people tweeting our movie out and so that makes it successful.
  • Nigerian woman in your film – pure poverty
  • Just because we don’t have rule of law doesn’t’ mean we don’t have plenty of laws.
  • Capitalism and business
  • The movie begins with the British singers then moves on to Megat Wade saying the nerve of these people, do they think we don’t know it’s Christmas
  • We treat poor people like objects. We have taken an emergency situation and turned it into a model of development. This model keeps people poor.

@PovertyINC @povertycure 

Discuss the problem of population control and the bureaucrats are trying to eradicate these brown babies. It isn’t just China, it is throughout the world. WE demand these countries control their population some times before they qualify for aid!

  • Story of Nigerian Doctor on goods leaving their harbors full
  • Bill Clinton -Peter Bower aid created the 3rd world
  • Foreign aid actually subsidizes these African regimes
  • How the Haitians have become poor due to America sending them FREE rice. Haitians can grow their own rice!
  • We need to build institutes of inclusion. We need to stop sending money. They need clear titles of land, access to court etc
  • Culture of Life Africa
  • We have institutions of justice that enable us to flourish! To start a business in Peru it would take us 200+ days and 3 times the money it would here.
  • St Thomas Aquinas 
  • violent act of the man
  • the false prudence of the sage

Tom’s Shoes how companies like this actually hurt poor foreign companies

  • It is making a harmful system more harmful.

Who suffers the most? GIRLS

Population density is the true measure

Back to Haiti

  • The people of Haiti have found something we cannot import to them.
  • They have started making jewelry.
  • the injustice of this American spending $20,000 to adopt an orphan that the mother actually wanted! The mother simply had no money to take care of the child long term.
  • The problem is not that these parents don’t want their children its just they need money to feed themselves etc.

(What we are trying to do at Poverty Inc is to NOT deal with scams but to uncover what happens when well intentioned people do harm.)

Caller Doug from Cincinnati –

  • The difference with non-profit and a micro-finance approach to development.
  • Micro-finance
  • More important than micro-finance is the justice institutions.
  • We live in a fallen world and there is no one solution.

Catholic Relief Services- 

  • They are handcuffed due to the fact they accept money from the government.
  • CRS or other Catholic Charities (
  • You need to act with charity, explain this is not a gotcha question. It isn’t intrinsically wrong to take money from the government.
  • CRS taking money is not intrinsically wrong
  • YWCA don’t allow for religious exemption on health care mandate but CRS gives money to them.
  • Have them answer the question, we know its a problem so what are your plans to deal with it?
  • We must make calm statements and not seem like we are attacking them or they miss the whole question because they are on the defensive.
  • Moral blindness, humility, charitable
  • Not cooperating moral evil, you must say something about it.
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