The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Pile of Prep: Romney’s Loss Cannot be Explained by Ron Paul Bashers

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of Founding Fathers goodness and all the stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “So Washington cannot be saved from itself. For the moment, tend to your state, and county, town and school district, and demonstrate the virtues of responsible self-government at the local level.”– Mark Steyn, channeling his Churchian [r]epublicanism

Shocker: 4 Star General, David Patraeus’s affair is a sordid storythat there are all too many instances of. If the tradition of marriage is no longer a vow made before God, why does it matter how many affairs he has?

Mark Steyn: Reality wasn’t on the ballot on Tuesday last while Washington cannot fix itself

The Party of talk radio cannot be bothered with courting Asian-American voters and is consequently getting clobbered 70-30 at the polls

The 47% problem is growing and can be seen by anyone in small business, like this gentleman who cannot keep help because of competition from Obama

Andy McCarthy:  The case of the vanishing citizen/voter

Citizen petitions have been filed at site to secede from the union, citizens apparentyly unaware the King of North America does not have power to grant their waver nor does he have power to stop it

DeceptiCON Media got it’s behind handed to it (see Dick Morris & other wild predictions of Romney landslides) yet still proceeds as though they are on the high ground simply because they are NOT OMSNBC

Rod Dreher: Not only was DeceptiCON media inaccurate, there is a decade long trend at work here that has done lots of damage to conservative intellectual life

Now that THE ELECTION to end all elections is over, some folks return to discussing the things that really matter like our declining high brow culture in favor of “middle high brow”

It’s easier to play the “we need to go after new demographics” game than it is to repair the Republican brand by actually FIXING IT

And what of the Mid-high brow, perpetually soundtracked generation coming up right now?

Romney supporters continue their post election tirades and they aren’t all directed at Ron Paul!

Fiscal Cliff, Schmismal Cliff! Boehner and Obama began the kabuki theater of pretending that there will not be a “bi-partisan deal” made to avert the “fiscal cliff”

Flashback: Ron Paul says we are already over the fiscal cliff, all we are left to do now is pick a landing spot in the gorge below

Man closes his shop to protest Obama win in VA

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