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Raading Tea Leaves and Reading GDP Give DeceptiCON Soothsayers The Power To Predict The Election

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“The end of days” is an often repeated phrase as is “the fiscal cliff” we are inexorably careening toward but as Russell Kirk told us, decades ago, nothing is inevitable so long as there remains the possibility to restore faith-based virtue

New “modeling” predicts a .005% victory for Romney in November

WSJ: finally sees the light: When government intervened to “fix” our “money problem” in our elections THEY began the process of ultimate censorship and we offer as  exhibit A: Chick Fil-A

The Romney Campaign bails on its dominance in “fixing the economy” in favor of “chose us, we aren’t Obama and we can’t afford 4 more years of him”

SAD: What will happen to the GOP if Romney/Ryan are trounced in November? Well, Fox N ews will offer Romney a TV show, the Talk Radio Mafia will blame the “moderates” the “moderates” will blame crazed right wingers and nothing much will change

Wow, the more we talk about the GOP future the more bleak and UNconservative it becomes

NYC and Nanny Bloomberg decide what rudderless, amoral, 14 year old girls need is the science of contraception as opposed to the reinforcement of the moral order (in which parents have dominion over their kids-Plan B will be given WITHOUT parental consent)

Congratulations Sheople: The U.S. “the greatest country in the history of man” now ranks 18th in economic liberty and is on it’s way to 40th

Hamilton…I mean err Washington State cuts off its State Park funding because it IS BROKE

Man Made Global Warming!? Bah, Humbug! The fact is the Icecap is not melting out f character and the solar cycles trend says we are in big trouble

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Written by: TheKingDude

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Wil Shrader Jr.

Plan B…that’s funny in a bad way. They might as well just refer to frivolous pregnancies as blemishes. Acne and babies, so annoying!

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