The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Mike Church’s [r]epublican [r]adio : Rebroadcast of “What Lincoln Killed”!

FEATURING: Mike Church’s “What Lincoln Killed”!

You can purchase a Collectors edition or Build your own What Lincoln Killed kit at the Founders Tradin’ Post.

If you are having trouble getting the stream to play here is the direct stream url: (click to open in default player).

Catch up with [r]epublican [r]adio:

Missed out on last weeks interviews on the Post Show Show?  No problem, listen to them right here. We’ve got Kevin Gutzman, Brion McClanahan, and David Simpson, just to name a few.  We’ve also got some of the best clips from the last month to get you caught up and you’ll hear some of the best moments from Mike’s audio documentaries: The Fame of Our Fathers, The Road to Independence and The Spirit of ’76.  Tune in now!

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Chris, thanks for the props. There is a plethora of partisan tripe out there, weighing heavily on our spirits. The only way we solve any of our problems is by debating without malice them and finding agreement and I believe the agreement ultimately leads to a separation from the Union into more manageable parts. If liberals want government run agencies, fine, please pursue that in a sphere i.e. republic where super majorities desire it, conversely if Austrians want free markets and few agencies, that should be respected as well.

Phil Meckling

Mike, that was put SO perfectly, I saved it and will use your quote (always giving due credit) to drive home my point in any debate against the facts over what Lincoln killed. These United States would have been such an AWESOME, self-determined, truly free and more prosperous place to live!! I will move to the first State that breaks away! PLEASE keep striving to get more “founding father’s red pills” distributed into our local pharmacies.

Chris F

Hey Mike, I’m as liberal as they come, but I must admit I was digging your show. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a conservative present their point of view without the vile bs, and with intelligence and respect. I just wanted to give you some props, I’ll be tuning in again, keep up the good work…

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