What Lincoln Killed

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Debbie Schlussel Reviews “What Lincoln Killed”

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Here's a quote from Debbie's review, read the rest in today's transcript: "It was interesting. To me, that’s the point of something like this, to make people think, and also to educate them. I always learn a lot when I listen to and/or watch your historical projects. You really are a scholar of these things. They don’t teach this stuff. Sure, I learned about […]

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What Lincoln Killed

Exclusive Sneak Peeks Of “What Lincoln Killed”

Special!! The World Premiere of an EXCLUSIVE Audio Sneak Peek of "What Lincoln Killed-EPISODE I"!  Jefferson Approves of Northern States Seceding: Jefferson, Taylor, and Madison Explain Nullification: The Timothy Pickering Story: To put this feature’s theme in one sentence it is: the Founders meet Mel Brooks. Thanks for the TREMENDOUS REACTION to this effort! Become an Executive Producer today of the new Founding Father Films Audio Series 'What Lincoln Killed' […]

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What Lincoln Killed

Mike Church’s [r]epublican [r]adio : Rebroadcast of “What Lincoln Killed”!

FEATURING: Mike Church's "What Lincoln Killed"! You can purchase a Collectors edition or Build your own What Lincoln Killed kit at the Founders Tradin' Post. If you are having trouble getting the stream to play here is the direct stream url: (click to open in default player). Catch up with [r]epublican [r]adio: Missed out on last weeks interviews on the Post Show Show?  No problem, listen to them right […]

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