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This Day in Founder's History

This Day In Founding Fathers History – 22 August

This Day In Founders History – 22 August - On this day in 1777, the Continental Congress ordered the movement of militia in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia to specific locations to await orders from General Washington when a letter from W. Bordley to William Paca, delegate from Maryland, was read, which stated: “Advice being received that the enemy’s fleet are in Chesapeake Bay between Rock Hall and the mouth […]

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Why Is The Second Amendment Debatable (and Others Aren’t)?

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Would anyone lose their cookies over a filibuster to defend and protect the 14th Amendment? What about the 13th Amendment? Do you think anyone would lose their cookies, [mocking] “This is part of the Constitution now. We have to do this.” Of course, the 13th Amendment is outlawing slavery, thus it is a punishment for a crime. Would anyone get their proverbial knickers or […]

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This Day in Founder's History

This Day In Founders History – 2 August

[private FP-Yearly|FP-Monthly] If you're having problems playing the video, please download it, there may be an incompatibility with your browser. [/private] This Day In Founders History – 2 August On this day in 1776, members of the Continental Congress began signing the Declaration of Independence, with a total of 56 men signing. August 2, 1790, the first U.S. census began, revealing a population of nearly 4 million people in the […]

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