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Gingrich Gives Back of Hand: Romney Isn’t As Good As Me But Still Better Than Obama

In what must be the most overachieving moment in recent politics history, Newt bows out without bowing out without endorsing Romney and without backing off his publicly financed Moon Base

Is anyone at the Romney campaign listening? Obama has upper hand on foreign policy and none of Romney’s attacks make a dent (which is why Mitt should be listening to Ron Paul)

Freedom has another strand of the rope it is dangling by severed by making sales tax collection deals with state governments. Online shopping just got dealt its first major blow

The Dalls Fed chief actually WANTS THE FED to stop monkeying with bank salvations and interest rate fixing!? Read it for your self

TIC: How did Washington become Washington? Well he abided by rules set down by those more wise and studied than he (as opposed to grabbing an instrument and banging it in a manner yet to be discovered

The polling data and general sentiment continue to mount against Afghanistan War with 66% saying it is NOT worth fighting but if those 66% do not demand their Reps stop funding it the carnage and debt will continue

WaPo: Ron Paul’s stealth takeover of State Delegate conventions picks up steam and assures him a prime role in Tampa

In browsing the “Boston Pamphlet” of 1772see how many of the 13 “infringements” the MA colonists accuse Britain of sound nearly identical to things the Feds do for a warmup before Dunkin Donuts in the morning. “We are sure your Wisdom, your Regard to Yourselves and the rising Generation, cannot suffer [allow] you to doze or set supinely indifferent on the brink of Destruction, while the Iron Hand of Oppression is daily tearing the choicest Fruit from the fair Tree of Liberty, planted by our worthy Predecessors at the Expense of their Treasure, and abundantly water’d with their Blood. “

The end of the 2 party system in the U.S. AND abroad? Gary North thinks the end of the SYSTEM/TRADITION of gubbmint is at hand

What would happen to symphonies and orchestras if the Feds and the NEA stopped funding them? What would happen to radio if the FCC were abolished & radio were set free? Some see no order because they confuse anarchy or disorder with markets-order through supply & demand

Larison: To keep ourselves entertained we will pretend that Romney’s VEEP pick is up in the air and subject to game day conditions

Now Marco Rubio wants to “confront China’s navy” on the high seas to show ’em who’s boss in Asian shipping lanes!?

Economics: The pseudo science that cannot possibly, through its theories and formulas, predict with accuracy yet is relied upon to do just that as TRILLION$$$$ are squandered in the process

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