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Church Doctrine

Constitution Day Extravaganza Videos Available Now

The entertaining and informative interviews we conducted with Kevin Gutzman, Dwayne Stovall and Chris Ferrara on Constitution Day 2015 are now available for viewing by Founders Pass Members! Kevin Gutzman is the author of James Madison and the Making of America. Kevin and Mike give a tour through the history of America's degrading Executive branch, beginning with Adams and ending with Roosevelt. Dwayne Stovall is a candidate for Congress and President […]

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Two-Thirds Of Conservatives Tell Republicans You’re Fired So They Can Back Creator Of You’re Fired

  Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – I mentioned in the opening, during the playing of the opening music, that Trumpzilla, that screaming, howling monster created by the logical end result of the unintelligible conservative movement and its arc throughout, it's sloppy, nasty, reckless, brainless arc throughout the last 30 years, Trump is the ultimate result.  Trumpzilla is the ultimate result.  Now Trumpzilla must fight the newest monster that has […]

todaySeptember 21, 2015

Founders Pass

VI Annual, Constitution Day Extravaganza-Audio Is Now Available!

VI Annual Constitution Day Extravaganza, Live Webcast, Recap! Mandeville, LA - [Editor's Note: LIVE broadcasting has its share of significant challenges and we have experienced them all since beginning our Philosophia Perennis Tuesday night classes. This webcast got off to a rough start as a result of operator error on MY PART. I mistakenly failed to select an option on our LIVE YouTube webstream which stopped the stream from being broadcast […]

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Founders Television

2012 Constitution Day – Interview with Kevin Gutzman

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio - Join us on our 2012 Constitution Day Extravaganza for this special [r]epublican radio podcast interview with Professor Kevin Gutzman, this interview is for Founders Pass Members only. Stay tuned for another Constitution Day interviews from Bradley Birzer for Founder's Pass members. If you're not a Founders Pass member… sign up now!

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2012 Constitution Day – Interview with Juliette Turner

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Juliette Turner, the 14-year-old daughter of Janine Turner, and is already an author of a new book called "Our Constitution Rocks". Juliette certainly knows more about the document signed today by our Founders than our Commander-in-Chief and most of the men in Congress as well. Check out Mike's interview with Juliette and a link to her excellent book...

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Daily Clip

We Need Brave Men

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Transcript - People today are risk averse, which is why you hear carping, crying, whining, bitching and complaining when people like me or Tom Woods or Marshall DeRosa or Kevin Gutzman or Jack Hunter or any of us bring up Article V amendment convention and actually say, “This has got to stop and we’re going to stop it right now. We’re going to have […]

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