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Two-Thirds Of Conservatives Tell Republicans You’re Fired So They Can Back Creator Of You’re Fired


Cover_Carriage_Tax_Argument_FEATURE-670x668Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – I mentioned in the opening, during the playing of the opening music, that Trumpzilla, that screaming, howling monster created by the logical end result of the unintelligible conservative movement and its arc throughout, it’s sloppy, nasty, reckless, brainless arc throughout the last 30 years, Trump is the ultimate result.  Trumpzilla is the ultimate result.  Now Trumpzilla must fight the newest monster that has been created as a result of all this.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I mentioned in the opening, during the playing of the opening music, that Trumpzilla, that screaming, howling monster created by the logical end result of the unintelligible conservative movement and its arc throughout, it’s sloppy, nasty, reckless, brainless arc throughout the last 30 years, Trump is the ultimate result.  Trumpzilla is the ultimate result.  Now Trumpzilla must fight the newest monster that has been created as a result of all this.  Just to keep it in the same genre, I struggle with a name for Ben Carson.  He doesn’t really fit any of the Godzilla monster.  I squeezed him into Mothra.  Now it’s Trumpzilla vs. Benthra. [/private]

You know what, Paul?  For poops and giggles, why don’t you see if you can find a clip — since “conservatives” will — since we pretty much are a Tower of Babel today with few people speaking the same language, and certainly only about 15 people on the entire face of the planet calling themselves conservative speaking the universal language of philosophia perennis or scholastic philosophy from which we get sound thinking — that’s not just me talking.  That’s history talking.  That’s the history and the wisdom of the ages talking.  But go ahead and deny it.  Trumpzilla will save you.  If you could find a Godzilla vs. Mothra clip — I don’t want it translated into English.  I want the guys that are running and screaming and hollering.  I want them speaking Japanese.  It will fit right in with the conservative Tower of Babel in which we are currently building, of which we are currently building.

The latest Clinton News Network poll is out today and Trumpzilla has the highest numbers that he’s had yet, but in second place — and this is not shocking — is Dr. Carson.  It’s Trumpzilla at 29 and Carson at 23.  Add the two together.  What is 29 plus 23?  By my math that’s 52.  Throw Carly Fiorina in there who is now in double digits, and she’s never held an elected office, and we’re now at almost a full two-thirds of those claiming to be Republican primary voters now have stoically, obstinately — it’s almost as though there is a giant middle finger being flipped at Reince Priebus, a giant middle finger being flipped at wherever the Grand Old Party headquarters are nearest you.  The message is: We don’t like what you’re selling anymore.

Folks, this is the only takeaway from this.  It’s quite fascinating, actually.  My prayer is that this can be directed and guided into productive things, into productive thinking on real problems that we have.  It’s not right now.  It’s just a bunch of demagoguery.  It’s a contest to see who can out demagogue, out social media, out late-night television host the other one.  That’s basically what it’s come down to.  By the way, next Thursday we will be — no, it’s Tuesday the 22nd, I think — no, it’s the 16th.  The CNN debate, GOP presidential debate, we will cover it live at  I’ve decided I’m going to go ahead and start working on my sleep and I’m going to come in here and do the debate live.  I’ve invited David Simpson to come hang out with me, so we’ll do a live debate and commentary on the site.  We’ll run the chat room.  You have to be a Founders Pass member to attend all of these things.  That’s an easy thing to do.  In other words, if you want to watch the debate and hang out with us, we’ll crank up the Founding Fathers Film web stream, and yeah, we’ll pipe the audio in.  That easy for me to do as long as I’m here.

Then on Thursday we’ll come in here and do it again on Thursday evening because that’s Constitution Day.  I’ve already got a couple guests lined up, Professor Gutzman, Chris Ferrara, and a few others are in the hopper there.  We’ll do the seventh annual — if you can believe this, seven years now we’ve been doing this on Constitution Day.  There have been two years that I’ve missed because I’ve been out of town and been unable to do the live broadcast portion of it.  We’ll have that this year.  That’s Wednesday and Thursday.  We’ll have live chat rooms and webcasts for the GOP debate and for Constitution Day, which is not a federally-mandated holiday.  It can’t be a federally-mandated holiday because the Constitution says it can’t be.  That’s one of Professor Gutzman’s favorite jokes these days.

Back to the Grand Old Party here.  I don’t know if you people realize this, but this is not a passing or a fanciful problem.  In other words, it’s not just a little event that’s going on.  Trump is a flash in the pan.  He’s going to roar like Godzilla.  Then he’ll ultimately fade off into the background and we’ll be done with it.  Let the children have their time on the playground, in other words, and then the adults will come in, Jeb and Bobby and Scotty and Johnny Kasich and the rest of the boys, Chris Christie and all the rest of them.  They’ll come in and mop the floor with him and show him how politicians run campaigns.  Not working out that way though, is it?

Few people have actually tried to answer the question of why.  I believe the reason that most people cannot answer and are not going to really seriously attempt to answer the question of why is because, again, you’d have to think — let me lay it out here for you.  That is a philosophical question.  That is not a political question.  That is a matter of philosophy.  That’s why it defies explanation for most people.  I suspect that if St. Thomas Aquinas were alive today he’d be able to nail it.  If G K Chesterton were alive today, he’d be able to nail it.  If Samuel Langhorne Clemens, aka Mark Twain — who was a very devout student of scholastic philosophy — if Twain were alive today, he’d be able to nail this.  He’d be able to tell you why.  What’s the ultimate cause here?

The ultimate cause, ladies and gentlemen, is not hard to diagnose.  There has been a near wholesale, complete departure from basing our politics, one, on reality, and two, on truth.  Gee, what do those two things have in common?  What is truth?  Conformity of the mind to reality.  The reality of the situation is that the constitution system is dead.  Somebody sent me a piece of hate mail the other day, [mocking] “You need to stop saying the Constitution is dead, you idiot.  It’s your fault.  You’re the one.  You’re responsible for McCain and Romney.  You and your buddy Dr. Woods and Dr. Gutzman, you keep saying the Constitution is dead.  It’s all your fault.”  Yeah, it’s my fault.  Great.  I’ll take the blame.  I would like to have gotten some of the credit along the way and maybe some of the wealth and riches.  I was denied that.  I’m eating ramen noodles.  Fine.  I’ll take the blame. [/private]

Humility_Cover_featuredThe Constitution is mortis.  It’s dead.  Stick a fork in it.  Get a digital probe and — what is chicken cooked at, 165 degrees Fahrenheit?  That joker is cooked to 195.  It’s pulled pork now.  Give me some barbecue sauce and we’ll have a party.  [mocking] “That’s really cynical of you, Mike.  That’s really depressing.  That’s not something I want to hear from my Patriot radio host.”  Yes, I should scream and holler and thump up and down and lie.  That’s exactly what we should all do.  Thus, the demand that we act like immature, imbecilic, unintelligible men is what produces Donald Trump.  You’re going to get more of them.  You’re not going to get less, you’re going to get more.  If you don’t see the danger in that, Heaven help all of us.  [mocking] “What do you mean?  It’s government of the people, by the people, for the people.  That’s the way it’s supposed to work.”  Oh yeah, that’s just working out swimmingly, isn’t it?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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