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Francis Scott Key’s Idolatrous Worship Of The American State

Mandeville, LA - On the Mike Church Show recently, I examined and commented on this address of Francis Scott Key's; how it appears as boilerplate 'Muricah is star-spangled awesome but that's a ruse. The address is one of the most stirring apologia's for the masonic project in 'Muricah you will ever read. From making the state the font of our "blessings...rights and duties" to demeaning Our Lady - the "Mary" […]

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Veritas et Sapientia – To Stop Iconoclasm, Teach Its Opposite

Mandeville, LA - Education confers happiness and usefulness, and therefore demands attention. No maxim is more readily admitted than that a wise and free government should provide for the education of its citizens; but the maxim seems not to be admitted to its just extent. Nor is it only as a refuge from the dangers of youth that such an institution is to be regarded. It is to give strength […]

todayAugust 23, 2017

This Day in Founder's History

This Day In Founders History – 1 August

[private FP-Yearly|FP-Monthly] If you're having problems playing the video, please download it, there may be an incompatibility with your browser. [/private] This Day In Founders History – August 1 In 1791 on this day, a plantation owner in Virginia, Robert Carter III, filed with Westmoreland County, Virginia to begin the process of manumitting or freeing his 500 slaves. This is the largest known pre-Civil War release of slaves in North […]

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