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Mike Church Presents The Red Pill Diaries Podcasts

Sodomy Is A Slippery Slope (with Michael Hichborn) – The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show - Season 2, Episode 573. Special Guest: Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute • Pope St. Pius V “If someone commits that nefarious crime against nature....he is to be given over to the secular arm of punishment [of death]. • The Church has always held Sodomy to be among the greatest offenses to God. So horrible is this crime against God and nature, […]

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Memo To The Perpetually Offended: It Is Charitable To Use The Term Sodomite

Mandeville, LA - I have been recently informed that this website is no longer acceptable to be read by mainstream audiences because I use the words "sodomite" and "sodomy". This accusation has cost me personal and professional associations and I have been labeled as "radical". Yet, I didn't invent the terms nor did I assign to them their infamous meanings. Yet, in the spirit of Charity I prayed and meditated […]

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Boy Scouts, Syrian Christians

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "This is just stupid.  So you’re going to put little girls who have little girl parts still, whether you like to admit it or not, into tents with little boys.  Oh, I can imagine how that’s going to turn out, besides the endorsement of the disorder in thinking, the sickness.  Again, Christian charity says you don’t tell the children that they’re correct."  Check out […]

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Mike Church Presents The Red Pill Diaries Podcasts

Liberalism Rebels Against Religious Authority: Of The Catholic Church – The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show - Season 2, Episode 548. HEADLINE: ‘Everybody Knows That Something is Coming’ by Rod Dreher • Sullivan was part of the Gaystapo so I’m just letting everyone know that. Just because he is a sodomite, doesn’t mean he cannot write. • The “authority” is no longer considered valid. Authority = The Church • What are the people doing in Poland right now?   How […]

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Mike Church Presents The Red Pill Diaries Podcasts

Sodomites Are Hungry For Christian Bakers – The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show - Season 2, Episode 529. HEADLINE: A California Judge Protects the Wedding Baker by Jeffrey M. Trissell • California has a clause for “freedom of speech” in their Constitution • Most that live in CA probably don’t know how to even obtain their constitution • Civil Law must be in compliance with the ‘higher’ law or it is an “unjust” law • The US […]

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Veritas et Sapientia

Veritas et Sapientia-The Nihilism Of Catholics Accepting “Gay” Lifestyles

Mandeville, LA - "I received your dear letter extremely late; it is dated December 12th. It is actually postmarkedJanuary 3rd. The delay of the second date is normal during these holidays, which are for me the worst days of the year, if for no other reason because they are the most desecrated. I agree completely with what you tell me about the current nihilism. It is no longer tragic nihilism, […]

todayJanuary 10, 2018


LGBTQ Highlights Magazine

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "Did you know that almost every, I think it was every state, maybe every state save one or two, had laws on their books against sodomy?  This wasn’t something that was happenstance.  Anywhere you would have went, you would have found, on the law books, there would have been rules or laws against sodomy."  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…. Begin Mike Church […]

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Will You Go LGBTQ, Highlights, Or Will You Go Carmelite?

Mandeville, LA - The Gaystapo has set its ravenous sights on beloved children's magazine Highlights for Kids. The magazine bills itself as a Parents magazine for kids. Note that "parents" implies plural meaning a pair, husband and wife at the time of Highlights founding. And "parents" would denote the ability for the pair to produce offspring something the Germans, Dutch and now non-immigrant Americans can no longer be bothered with […]

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