Will You Go LGBTQ, Highlights, Or Will You Go Carmelite?

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Mandeville, LA – The Gaystapo has set its ravenous sights on beloved children’s magazine Highlights for Kids. The magazine bills itself as a Parents magazine for kids. Note that “parents” implies plural meaning a pair, husband and wife at the time of Highlights founding. And “parents” would denote the ability for the pair to produce offspring something the Germans, Dutch and now non-immigrant Americans can no longer be bothered with doing.

Now along comes the perpetually angry LGBTQrsltne mob, demanding that Highlights start including photos and cartoons of LGBTQrstlne “families” in their magazine so it can be “inclusive”. You can predict what happens next as is reflected by the introduction to the “controversy” at the site. Note the “we win, bigots lose” headline: “Highlights children’s magazine gets schooled on LGBTQ families”. [emphasis mine]

It is now legal for same-sex couples to marry and to adopt in all 50 states, yet LGBTQ families are all too often still missing from the entertainment and media landscape.

Children’s magazine Highlights has now learned the hard way that people are beginning to pay more attention to this type of erasure and will not roll over when weak responses are offered to questions of a lack of true inclusion.

We’re talking about magazines read by 0-12 year olds, whose editors provide what they thought was wholesome fare for children and their parents to share. “Weak responses”? read “responses the LGTBQrstlne mob don’t agree with.” Where the only acceptable answer is “yes, we’re bigots and we’ll do what you say.” So much for diversity. Does this mob realize that their never ending rushes to accuse, try then pass judgement leaves them no grounds to reliably stand on? That is the wholesome “gay” of today is the bigotry of tomorrow. But what of the mobs charges against Highlights magazine that I can remember being my dentist’s office when I was 5. I mean what kind of closed minded bigotry is this from the Highlights description page?

In every 40-page issue, kids explore new topics, investigate cool subjects and find out about the world. Highlights magazine for kids is filled with stories, games, puzzles, riddles, science experiments, craft projects and interactive entertainment!

Imagine that description made LGBTQrstlne friendly e.g. Highlights Presents: Solving The Riddle of Heather’s 3 Mothers And 2 Fathers One of Who is Her Uncle!, what inclusive entertainment, fun for the whole family and some of the family’s pervert friends too!  Don’t laugh, folks, the screed ends with a warning that the evil that is Highlights has now been identified and is on the mortal-sin assisting countdown clock:

“Time will tell if the inclusion the editorial team says they are committed to promoting will come to pass. If nothing else, they now know people are watching the situation closely and expect results.

Anyone who thinks I’m exaggerating or being unnecessarily coarse had better tune-in to how this game is played these days. The LGBTQrstlne mob offers no middle-ground and quarters no prisoners. You are either publicly converted to their way of thinking or rather not thinking or you are removed from any position where you might pose a risk of contaminating the LGBTQ orthodoxy and Highlights is about to find out that politeness and decorum is not what these people crave or what they operate using. And with every “victory” of denying then undermining the Truth of Creation and the Created order, the LGBTQrstlne mob gets a little closer to a society with the absence of Christian Truth and thus Christian ethics and the behavior it cultivates. Aldus Huxley warned of in Brave New World (read the eBook edition here). Where children “learn” the sterile, grotesque, process to manufacture “Bokanovsky’s”.

“Reducing the number of revolutions per minute,” Mr. Foster explained. “The surrogate goes round slower; therefore passes through the lung at longer inter- vals; therefore gives the embryo less oxygen. Nothing like oxygen- shortage for keeping an embryo below par.” Again he rubbed his hands.

“But why do you want to keep the embryo below par?” asked an ingenuous student.

“Ass!” said the Director, breaking a long silence. “Hasn’t it occurred to you that an Epsilon embryo must have an Epsilon environment as well as an Epsilon heredity?”

It evidently hadn’t occurred to him. He was covered with confusion.

“The lower the caste,” said Mr. Foster, “the shorter the oxygen.” The first organ affected was the brain. After that the skeleton. At seventy per cent of normal oxygen you got dwarfs. At less than seventy eyeless monsters.

“Who are no use at all,” concluded Mr. Foster. [emphasis mine]

How long before devout Catholics and reverent Christians withdraw their remaining consent to have their public lives governed by the encroaching rule of the neo-Sodomites, before they see their, non-conforming, not serving the LGBTQrstlne, fornication and abortion crazed, children become “no use at all”? Pope Leo XIII wrote of the distinction between Man and beats, where Man recognizes and is able to cherish and propagate the Transcendent between generations. But in Leo’s age (the last half of the 19th century) Man was still propagating Man instead of fornicating man on man. Leo’s distinction between Men and beasts is vanishing and the “get Highlights” crowd is “all-in.”

“This is one of the chief points of distinction between man and the animal creation, for the brute has no power of self direction, but is governed by two main instincts, which keep his powers on the alert, impel him to develop them in a fitting manner, and stimulate and determine him to action without any power of choice. One of these instincts is self preservation, the other the propagation of the species. Both can attain their purpose by means of things which lie within range; beyond their verge the brute creation cannot go, for they are moved to action by their senses only, and in the special direction which these suggest. But with man it is wholly different. He possesses, on the one hand, the full perfection of the animal being, and hence enjoys at least as much as the rest of the animal kind, the fruition of things material. But animal nature, however perfect, is far from representing the human being in its completeness, and is in truth but humanity’s humble handmaid, made to serve and to obey. It is the mind, or reason, which is the predominant element in us who are human creatures; it is this which renders a human being human, and distinguishes him essentially from the brute. And on this very account – that man alone among the animal creation is endowed with reason – it must be within his right to possess things not merely for temporary and momentary use, as other living things do, but to have and to hold them in stable and permanent possession; he must have not only things that perish in the use, but those also which, though they have been reduced into use, continue for further use in after time.”

2012_for_greater_glory_Jose_MiguelWhat is stable and permanent about the flight from the Natural order which is a flight from God, the Creator’s order? We are about to find out. I suggest that an enthused study of Orthodoxy and Dogma should commence among the faithful immediately. It is through these, stable, permanent things that the enemy can be met with and neutralized for the purpose of either conversion or conquest. The Christian Faith is the elxir this enemy who can also be a brother/sister fears most and it, not politics or scholarship is our most reliable weapon. Again, Leo XIII gives us a call to action, albeit 120 years ago.

“…whereby this most arduous question must be solved. Every one should put his hand to the work which falls to his share, and that at once and straightway, lest the evil which is already so great become through delay absolutely beyond remedy. Those who rule the commonwealths should avail themselves of the laws and institutions of the country; masters and wealthy owners must be mindful of their duty; the working class, whose interests are at stake, should make every lawful and proper effort; and since religion alone, as We said at the beginning, can avail to destroy the evil at its root, all men should rest persuaded that main thing needful is to re-establish Christian morals, apart from which all the plans and devices of the wisest will prove of little avail.”

The age of any compromise is gone when “religion alone” is our defense.  Viva Crista Rey!

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