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Father Francis Simpson Hero And D-Day CRUSADER

Father Francis Simpson Hero - The story of one priests heroic actions on D-Day and Our Lady's intervention to save his squadron Friends and Founders Pass Member/owners. At this late stage in our crowdfunding effort, the odds of The Golden Truth Ticket meeting its survival level goal of 500 tickets sold have a faint glimmer of a chance; the odds of our hitting our expansive level goal require a providential […]

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Church Doctrine

Will 2012 Produce a Hero or Day To Remember?

  Will 2012 Produce a Hero or Day To Remember? ©2012 Mike Church When the history of this year, 2012 is written, what issue will be the focus? Who will be the heroes and who will be the scapegoats? Will there be a date that future generations celebrate every year because of something we do in this one? Well, the answer to the date question is: it won’t be because […]

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