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Ted Cruz – Another Birther Controversy?

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – At the time Ted Cruz was born, to which country did his mother owe allegiance? That’s the only question that is at issue here. Here’s how you arrive at this: could his mother have been prosecuted for treason against the United States? She’d have to be a citizen to be prosecuted for treason. The answer is yes, she could have, therefore he is born […]

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Immigration – Alien Friend or Enemy?

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Again, if the State of Georgia, in the constitutional world, is paying for its public transportation, that’s their business. You can’t tie every argument back to the illegal and unconstitutional dispensation of funds from the federal monster. If that’s the point of view of the argument, then I can end this right now and say everybody that wants a one-size-fits-all universal policy because we […]

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Constitution Says Immigration Is A State Issue

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – This brings up and shows just how out of kilter and out of whack the entire process is and how it is basically impossible to do what you just said you want to do. All we have to do is look at Arizona, Texas, and Alabama as recent examples. You can’t go after the employer because a federal court will interdict and say you’re […]

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All Those Drones Aren’t Just For Catching Illegal Immigrants

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - The beginnings of Skynet are very real, they’re not fictional, and they’re very terrifying. The fact that you people in Texas are going to have tens of thousands of unmanned aerial vehicles just roaming the countryside in search of an illegal, how do they know it’s an illegal? Check out today's transcript for the rest...

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Obama Takes It Upon Himself To Decide Immigration Law

[private FP-Yearly|FP-Monthly] [/private] Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio - What is Chairman MaoBama up to these days? Oh, he's just deciding to NOT enforce laws that Congress has passed. The law in question is one passed by Congress to deport illegal aliens and children of illegal aliens.  If he can't discharge his duties as President, duties that are laid down in the Constitution and without which his job wouldn't even […]

todayJune 18, 2012