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News Du Jour: Israel’s Iron Dome

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Video and Audio - Israel seems to be doing a find job of defending itself courtesy of its Iron Dome technology... much to the dismay of what Romney/Ryan and the rest of the DeceptiCONS said would happen for the last year. All of the DeceptiCONS thought that Israel would be getting run over, savaged, how could we not send troops over there and save them? Ron […]

todayNovember 20, 2012 1

Pile Of Prep

Gingrich to Romney: In Debate I “Go After Their Media”

Gingrich to Romney: I will tell you how to cream Obama in the debates, go after "Their Media" TIC: Fresh off the 1958 Presses, Robert Nisbet's "Quest for Community" brought some gravitas to young conservatives then and to his death, Nisbet maintained, it could the same today READ THIS Global Warmists have been cooking the books to try and prove your SUV's link to a naturally warming & cooling planet […]

todaySeptember 27, 2012

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Can Congress Stop the DC Metro From Promoting Israeli Issues on Subways?

DeceptiCONS use Israeli PM Netenyahu in ad to paint Obama as "weak" on Iran as war fever refuses to abate in spite of public distaste for it Michael Kinsley returns: It is time for a 3rd party (wow, the LIBS have thrown in the towel on Obama!?) CAT FIGHT!!: Peggy Noonan chides Mitt for being CEO of the Romney Campaign AND the candidate - Ilana Mercer Chides Noonan for what […]

todaySeptember 21, 2012

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When Did The Dirty Job Become A Dirty Word?

VIDEO: Romney continues the unbelievable mistake of thinking the country wants to elect a military commander who will war our way to supremacy & prosperity ISANITY: What would REALLY happend if the DeceptiCONS get their way and start a way with Israel against Iran? Nothing good and things quite tragic In the same interview Romney uses the same Constitution many people claim does not sanction an INDIVIDUAL mandate but somehow it […]

todaySeptember 10, 2012


Interview with Michael Scheuer

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript -  Michael Scheuer joins Mike on the show today and discusses all of the goings on in the Middle East and Africa, and how Senators McCain, Graham, Lieberman, etc figure into all of it.  Check out today's interview for the entire interview...   Begin Mike Church Show Transcript Mike:  Michael Scheuer, Michael Scheuer:  Dot com, sir. Mike:  Dot com.  I had it right the […]

todayJune 26, 2012 3


Pat Buchanan: “Republicans Don’t Really Believe In [cultural conservatism]”

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Patrick J Buchanan has been raising his voice against the decline of America since the end of the Cold War. His runs for the White House in the face of withering criticism from the emerging DeceptiCON wing of the party are legendary. Mr. Buchanan visited with Mike for 30 minutes today to talk about the state of the GOP, the Romney nomination, Israel and […]

todayJune 4, 2012