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Kevin Gutzman Interview On Jefferson And Connecticut

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – History has a way of getting in the way of the designs of men who wish to do things that are ahistorical.  When you start bringing history up, and the way history actually happened and not the way somebody in Connecticut who's a member of the Democratic Party wishes for history to be told, we run into all sorts of problems.  Check out today’s […]

todayJuly 27, 2015 1


Where Are The Modern-Day Martin Luther Kings?

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Do you see any Martin Luther King -- of course, you don’t see any George Washingtons around either -- do you see anyone following in the tradition of a gentleman that spoke as King did? I know he didn’t always live up to the high ideals, but he was human. That’s part of the human condition. Do you see anyone out there amongst the […]

todayJanuary 23, 2013 11