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Flashback: 2009 Tea Party Rallies Were Angry at MORDOR Not Just Obama

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Mandeville, LA – Listening to the Tea Party orgasms over Republicans winning the Senate made me remember the 2009 tea party rallies. You remember those don’t you? The ones where reporters insisted white America was rebelling against the first black President and Democrats. Remember how we insisted that “noooo, we’re angry at ALL of Mordor” not just Obama. Square that with the embarrassing endorsements and outright love oozing from national Tea Party groups to the GOP. What makes them think the same leaders – Boehner as Minority Leader and McConnell as Minority Leader, now in power, won’t choose Big Brother over Big Liberty? Check out today’s transcript and Clip of The Day for the rest

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – What were the Tea Party rallies?  What animated so many people?  Why were so many of us so angry?  I was at the rally across from the White House in Lafayette Park, right across from the White House.  It was freezing cold and pouring rain.  I was there with many of you if you’ll recall, April the 15th, 2009.  What was it that animated this and drove so much of it?  If you’ll recall, there were several things.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  You can recall that yes, I was there on April the 15th, 2009 at those first Tea Party rallies.  What were the Tea Party rallies?  What animated so many people?  Why were so many of us so angry?  I was at the rally across from the White House in Lafayette Park, right across from the White House.  It was freezing cold and pouring rain.  I was there with many of you if you’ll recall, April the 15th, 2009.  What was it that animated this and drove so much of it?  If you’ll recall, there were several things.

Number one: the in-our-face, disgusting passage of the porculus-succubus stimulus bill.  This was against poll after poll after poll that showed that the American sheeple did not want this.  They thought it was bad policy and a waste of money.  Of course, it turned out to be bad policy and a waste of money; it always is.  Nonetheless, the Pelosi congress went along with it.  What else were we angry about?  Well, they’re gonna get a bailout, aren’t they?  Remember?  The bailouts had just occurred.  The first bailouts, the TARP bailouts occurred in late 2008.  Then the rest of the bailouts occurred as soon as Obama took office, the bailout of General Motors, the bailout of Chrysler.

Remember the very strong insinuation aimed at the financial firm that was managing the fund that had primarily invested in the corporation?  The guy that was managing the fund came out and said: They offered us 27 cents on the dollar for the bailout.  We’d rather take our chances in bankruptcy.  We told them no.  Remember Obama, the very young president at that time, basically went public and excoriated this gentleman, questioned his patriotism (everyone knew who you were talking about at that time), and then by name assaulted him saying: You’ll take what your magisterial Uncle Sam government is offering you and like it, pal.  Of course, after that they ultimately did.

These are some of the things that were animating and driving people.  There was a tax increase.  Remember that?  There was also, if you’ll recall, cap and trade was looming over our heads.  This was going to be shoved down our throats.  We’re going to have a nationwide carbon tax and carbon credit scheme foisted on our heads.  There was an awful lot going on that got people out and got them into the streets, tens of millions of people, on that day, April 15, 2009.

It was said at the time that this wasn’t because the president was black, an African-American.  This was not because the president was a Democrat.  This was bipartisan.  The bailout was bipartisan.  This is what amazes me.  The bailout was bipartisan.  It was John Boehner that went on the floor of the House of Representin’ after the vote failed the first time and cried crocodile tears.  [mocking] “It would be a great bill if we could just get the votes to pass it.  I implore my colleagues to do the right thing.”  So they had to twist people’s arms, put guns to their heads to make them vote for the TARP bailout.  It was bipartisan.  The anger thus then should have been bipartisan.

Remember Keith Olbermann going on MSNBC and calling Tea Partiers teabaggers and Republican hacks and shills?  They’d just found a new way to express their anger towards liberals and towards progressive government and what have you.  What was the response from us, from Tea Partiers?  No, this is not a partisan effort.  This is an American effort, Keith, Rachel Maddow, and all the rest of you.  We care about the direction of our country.  We care about the massive debts that were being run up.  We cared about the massive expansion of entitlement programs and what have you.  It was said affirmatively that it was not a partisan effort.

Many Tea Party groups have come and gone since then.  There remain but one, maybe two, very large Tea Party groups.  Without mentioning the name of one of the largest ones, if not the largest one, I received an email from them this morning cheering the new partisan Republican majority in Congress with the sub-headline that “Republicans Have Taken over the Senate.”  Well, obviously you haven’t had a very good definition of conservatism explained to you if you think the Senate has just been corralled by conservatives.  If it has, ladies and gentlemen, take the term conservative, remove it from your body, from your email, from everything you’re attached to, lay it on the ground, set it on fire, and walk away from it.

What this bunch is going to do is going to be led by McCain and Graham and Corker and the rest of them.  It’s not going to look very conservative to you.  It’s going to look very big government, but it’s going to be Republicans that are going to be executing it.  This is history and this is how this is going to go down.  [mocking] “Can’t you even give them a chance?”  I look forward to being pleasantly surprised, but since I have no faith whatever in the American civil religion, which is what this basically amounts to and what it is, then I don’t think my hope is justified.  Just to make some of you happy, yes, I will concur that hope may be something that we should — let’s all pray for them, shall we?  I shall pray that I am wrong.

I would like to remind you, if you think partisanship is what wins the day on these things and what is going to turn this sick sewer of a culture around, this culture of death around, these never-ending wars around, the never-ending corruption and expansion in size of the leviathan around, I remind you, it’s the candidates like Greg Brannon, Dwayne Stovall, Chris McDaniel and Rob Maness are the ones that would have brought that or would have attempted to bring that about.

Remember that President Reagan was elected with very similar fanfare.  [mocking] “Ronald Reagan is gonna do it, Mr. Church, you just wait and see.”  When he left office, taxes had been restored and increased.  In other words, the ’81 tax cuts were basically repealed and new taxes were instituted.  Go ahead and look it up if you’d like to.  The size of the federal deficit had grown to gargantuan, shocking proportions, so much so that Senators Gramm and Rudman began a near four-year-long campaign to try to stop it.  The end result was Gramm-Rudman-Hollings, which did not stop it.  It slowed it down but it didn’t stop it.  That’s because people don’t act and don’t think about these things in terms that are proper, like John Taylor of Caroline County thought about them.

I think I shared parts of this letter with you before.  In the run-up to James Monroe, who was one of Taylor’s best friends, in the run-up to Monroe being elected president, he wrote a letter to Taylor saying: If I get in there, I look for you to continue being my friend, my mentor, and my supporter.  The greatest [r]epublican of his generation, John Taylor of Caroline County — you can read this letter in the book.  If you don’t have a copy of it, bet it in the Founders Tradin’ Post edited by yours truly, John Taylor of Caroline County, American Statesman.  I’ll read you part of it.  He’s writing this to the soon-to-take-office President of the United States, James Monroe.


You will probably lose your affiliation with the administration party, however guarded such of the republican minority, as possess a personal dislike for the men in power; and you will also lose the simpering of federalism for having crossed its intention. This is guess work with me however, for upon my faith, though I belong to this republican minority, and probably always shall, the ligaments which tie its members together are quite unknown to me; and therefore I am unable to discover, whether you have broken them, or how I shall myself avoid breaking them. I do not think I break them by approving as I most heartily do of your having taken the office you now hold. You can serve your country and follow your conscience in that office, and how either should offend the republican minority, I can’t see. If indeed you should get the presidency as I hope you will one day or other, it would probably be an irreparable breach with the republican minority, should any such party then exist; because you must in some measure suffer yourself to be taken in tow by an administration party; and I do not recollect in the history of mankind a single instance of such a party being republican. Should I live to see that day, I hereby give you notice, that you are not to infer from my espousing your election, that I will join a party yell in favor of your administration; No, no, the moment you are elected, though by my casting vote, carried an hundred miles in a snow storm, my confidence in you would be most confoundedly diminished, and I would instantly join again the republican minority. I would however no more suppress a coincidence, than a difference of opinion, with my administration. But as I can never be brought to believe, that the monarchical principle of our constitution is a good guardian for the republican, and as it will always pretend to be so, it follows of course that I am destined to live and die a republican minority man.

For such a man your letter to Johnson would make a very good creed, and such a man cannot therefore quarrel with you for writing it. Its amount is that you will approve and disapprove of the acts of the government according to your conscience. This is the sum total of what I understand by minority republicanism. Majority republicanism is inevitably, widely (but not thoroughly) corrupted with ministerial republicanism, and it is also tinctured with the folly of certain sympathies, towards strong parties, popularity, and noise. Now the business and view of a true minority man is to unveil ministerial republicanism, and to awaken honest majority republicanism, when it is riding with its eyes shut directly from its own object, on one of these jack asses.

[end reading]

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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