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todayDecember 6, 2017 2

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Mandeville, LA – This Is ‘Muricah, You Will Go Sodomite, Bake Our Cake And like It – “The un-baked wedding cake heard round the world” is one ‘Murican revolutionary way to describe the fiasco that just made it to the SCOTUS. Arguments were made yesterday in the case of Jack Phillips and his Masterpiece Bake Shop vs Charlie Craig and David Mullins. Craig and Mullins had enlisted Craig’s mother to accompany them to the bake shop and order a “wedding cake” for the Sodomite Suitors to celebrate their diabolical “union”. When Phillips, a Christian, refused, the current controversy was unleashed which basically amounts to this: if you have a place of public accommodation of any sort, can you be made to conform your belief system to that of your local transgenderMammy™, sodomite and lesbian kow-towing to, legislative body? From the Federalist’s Jeremiah Keenan:

Since same-sex marriage is obviously “engaged in exclusively or predominantly” by “gays, lesbians, and bisexuals,” it follows that same-sex marriages, in all the publically marketed services they may require, cannot be discriminated against any more than the two Same Sex Attraction individuals getting married.

So basically, Catholics would be precluded from refusing services that could be used for adultery, hook-up/shack-up activities (think futon sale and delivery) and anything else you can imagine that living a Christian life precludes you from materially participating in.

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