Rethinking American Union

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See the Constitution being drafted and ratified in Mike Church's "Spirit of '76"


SCOTUS Justice Says Get Ready for Dictatorship Over Constitutional & Civic Ignorance

VIDEO, Concord NH - Former SCOTUS Justice David Souter is alarmed at the collective ignorance the American Shoeple have over the U.S. Constitution and civics in general. Conditions that could be ripe for a dictator to swoop in and promise an easy solution. So again we see that the threat to our liberties comes not from a foreign invader or an alien race trying to control satellite dishes on Oahu's […]

todaySeptember 19, 2012 1

Founders Corner

One Gentleman’s Journey To The Fellow Traveller Side of a Line In The Sand

Mandeville, LA - I have met many men in my role of satellite radio pariah to the Republican establishment (and outright heretic to the Democrat coven) but few match the genius and literary gift that is Brad Birzer. From the first time I read his "American Cicero-The Life of Charles Carroll of Carrollton" I was hooked on Brad's writing. Over the last 3 years we have become friends and I have […]

todayJuly 28, 2012