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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Veritas et Sapientia – The Inevitability of Gary Johnson Going “Chirping Sectary”

Mandeville, LA – “It is of high importance, indeed, that American conservatives dissociate them- selves altogether from the little sour remnant called libertarians. In a time requiring long views and self-denial, alliance with a faction founded upon doctrinaire selfishness would be absurd- and practically damaging. It is not merely that cooperation with a tiny chirping sect would be valueless politically; more, such an association would tend to discredit the conservatives, giving aid and comfort to the collectivist adversaries of ordered freedom. When heaven and earth have passed away, perhaps the conservative mind and the libertarian mind may be joined in synthesis-but not until then. Meanwhile, I venture to predict, the more intelligent and conscientious persons within the libertarian remnant will tend to settle for politics as the art of the possible, so shifting into the conservative camp. At the Last Judgment, libertarianism may find itself reduced to a minority of one, and its name will be not Legion, but Rothbard.” – Russell Kirk, Chirping Sectaries

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