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Veritas et Sapientia – Once Taxing Is Legal Your Batteries Aren’t Safe

Mandeville, LA – From John Taylor of Caroline County’s magnificent argument on the Constitutionality of  The Carriage Tax, available here.

A reference to the progress of the excise in England, will illustrate this insatiable construction. It commenced about a century past, and has since glided along until it has mingled its poison with almost every human enjoyment.Its ravages have already been extended to beer, ale, cyder, perry, metheglin, mead, strong water, aqua vitae, coffee, chocolate, tea, sherbet, bearibs [hearths], stoves, soldiers, sailors, annuities, pensions, stipends, serjeants at law, counselors, advocates, physicians, ervants, dukes, marquis, earl, viscount, baron, baronet, knight, esquire, gentlemen of £.300 a year, ecclesiasticks, and [12d] on polls, coals, bankers, 2 lenders of money to government, officers and their deputies, agents, clerks, secondaries, substitutes, ministers, 3lands, houses, parks, obaces [chaces], warrens, woods, underwoods, coppices, siblings [fishings], tithes, tolls… (continued below)

What Mike Church calls “The greatest tract ever written opposing Congress’s unlimited power to tax”. Revived and restored for modern readers from an out of print, 1796 Supreme Court case

[P]ersonal estate, law proceedings, mum, vinegar, salt, vellum, parchment, paper, burials, births, marriages, batchellors, widowers, bottles, glass, [culm, cinders, low-wines, spirits, sweets, distillers, molasses, brewers, verjuce] wash, tilts, yeast, sugar, 5 wheat, rye, barley, beans, pease, bread, biscuit, meal, starch, oatmeal, sewstelb [flesh], cocoanuts, cocoapaste, pictures, muffins [muslins], haukers, pedlars, candles, money given with apprentices, leather, hops, hackney coaches, chairs, bills of lading, almanacks, wine and ale licenses, cards, dice, snuff, soap, pasteboard, mildboards, scaleboards, silks, calcines [calicoes], linens, fluffs [stuffs], new writings, pamphlets, newspapers, advertisements, gold and silver wire, policies of insurance, marriage licenses, plate, herrings, prophets [papists], victuallers, retailers of beer and ale, windows, lights, carriages, wine, tobacco, brandies, distilled spirits of every kind, hair powder, all artificial wines, sweets of every kind, malt, hops, advertisements, horses, attornies, gloves, hats, shopkeepers, medicines, bills, receipts, partrides [partridges], &c. &c. And this catalogue is probably far short of the real number of articles excised in England, as I have had no opportunity of referring to the acts of parliament passed during the greater part of the reigns of Geo. 2d. & Geo. 3d. an era prolific in taxes. – John Taylor of Caroline County’s Argument respecting The Constitutionality of The Carriage Tax.

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