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Doctrine: Where Will The Anything Goes, Gay Marriage Crusaders Strike Next?

todayMarch 4, 2014 1

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Patrick_Henry_Book_WaxMandeville, LA – I’m going to read you the definition of a word from a 1755 dictionary, and you tell me the word.

“Airy, cheerful, merry, frolick.”

If you answered “happy, spirited” or “playful”, check yourself into a sensitivity training course before its too late. The correct answer is the adjective form of “gay” and if you saw any video from Phoenix Arizona last night, I’d say Johnson’s dictionary is correct but for all the wrong reasons. Those “merry” faces were celebrating the curb kicking that Jefferson and Madison’s Statute For Religious Liberty received at the hands of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Brewer earned her place in Birdcage folklore by vetoing the Arizona Legislature’s SB 1062.

Meanwhile in San Antonio, Texas, Federal District Judge Orlando Garcia laid the hammer on Texas’s “ban on gay-marriage”, nullifying an act supported by 77% of Texas voters, 74% of her legislature and God himself. What will these federal judges do for an encore, part the Gulf of Mexico and drown all the alleged bigots in hot pursuit of gay wedding chariots?
Louisiana and Kentucky are next in line to be told by a Federal government version of Darth Vader that the faith of our physical and spiritual Fathers is bigoted, backwards and illegal.

Where will the anything goes “marriage” crusaders strike next? Let’s start with kissing cousins and then proceed to restore 16 year old virgins as “old maids.” But don’t take my word for that, just ask radical lesbian and formal marriage opponent Masha Gessen. “Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do when we get [it]…the institution of marriage is going to change and it should change… [because] I don’t think it should exist.”

It was taxes and tariffs that led the Founding Fathers then Confederate states to seek independence from Tyranny. Will the next separation be sparked by the Federal Death Star forcing acceptance of aborted babies and same sex brides?

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