The Conservative Media Echo Chamber Produces Conformity To Un-Informity

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Mandeville, LA – It’s Free Phone Friday but Mike has the full court press on for the “conservative echo chamber’s” media outlets and their “Conformity to un-informity”, having missed the obvious “astroturf” composition of the “magic mob” of Parkland teenagers who *satire* “organized a galaxy-wide protest against guns in 48 hours using Texas Instruments abacus and carrier pigeons. The threat of us not knowing a single person that contributed to our food supply is something amazon et al wants but has catastrophe for souls written all over it. How so? Listen to the final segment and swim upstream with Chesterton for a change!

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A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it. A dead dog can be lifted on the leaping water with all the swiftness of a leaping hound; but only a live dog can swim backwards. A paper boat can ride the rising deluge with all the airy arrogance of a fairy ship, but if the fairy ship sails up stream it is really rowed by the fairies.” – G.K. Chesterton – Everlasting Man

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Parkland Shooting

HEADLINE: Why Did It Take Two Weeks To Discover Parkland Students’ Astroturfing? by David Hines

  • Where did the term astroturfing come from?
  • Tea Party Movement
  • Media Industrial Complex sprung into action b/c everyone at a Tea Party Rally was a racist.

AUDIO: Queen of Pain parody song from the Mike Church Show Band available on the Anthology Collection in the Founders Tradin’ Post

Back to Headline: David Hines

  • The response was not started by one teenager, it was well organized by and Planned Parenthood
  • This is just too convenient, I don’t want to go Alex Jones but…
  • These millennial losers are ultimately going to be in charge, can you say Lord of the Flies?
  • Your average writer is in the Conservative Echo-Chamber, outside of this chamber no sunlight or information gets in.
  • Test to determine if they are in the Conservative Echo-Chamber, ask them if they read Chesterton.
  • Life Inside The “Cons
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Caller Ted from NJ –

  • Arguing with a Protestant using bible verses.
  • Conformity of the mind to reality
  • The Faith has a logic to it, and it endures regardless of who the Pope is etc and it is grounded in “reason”.
  • Joseph Pearce’s view on life
  • Take any moral question there is an actual written Catechism on it!
  • People don’t hate the Catholic faith, they hate what they think the Catholic faith is.
  • When you look at a person, look at their soul.
  • Monks transcribed the bible, costs in today’s dollars for a bible back then.


Interview with Matthew Sheffield – How The Right Got It Wrong

The Planned Parenthood people are on the run!

Celeste Youngblood story from Berlin – to the chatroom


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 Special Guest: Debbie Schlussel

  • Grandfather was a butcher state of Michigan became so big with government regulations basically pushed him out of business.
  • Americans today simply don’t seem to care about what is in their food.

Movie Reviews:

  1. Death Wish – Bruce Willis
  2. Red Sparrow – Jennifer Lawrence
  • Hollywood is a bunch of hypocrites #MeToo

HEADLINE: Jennifer Lawrence and Hollywood’s Whore School by Kyle Smith

I really liked Dunkirk and it’s message.

We will just agree to disagree on that movie.

Debbie’s Top 10 Movies List will be up on her site soon:

Grad Status

Ingrid Goes West

The Founder


Going In Style

EXCLUSIVE: How McDonald’s ‘founder’ cheated the brothers who REALLY started empire out of hundreds of millions, wrote them out of company history – and left one to die of heart failure and the other barely a millionaire



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HEADLINE: Sourdough Bread and the Cult of Convenience by Gracy Olmstead

What Are Economics of Soul and Why Do We Desperately Need Them? – Pearcing Truth



Caller Kres from Toronto –

  • Give us this day our daily bread
  • Have you noticed how bread has now become a bad thing? The ever dreaded CARB
  • The Kres Diet – eat a little bit of everything, you’ll be fine
  • Stop consuming 8 bottles of wine and you will be healthier!
  • Kres lives in a neighborhood with a BAKERY
  • American bee – just like our apples
  • I am all about buying local not b/c of saving the Earth or anything but it is because he likes the people he lives next to.




 Caller Derek in Las Vegas –

  • California Steel Industry
  • “Can the President unilaterally enact a tariff or does the Senate have to vote on it?”
  • Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution –
  • Dr. Kevin Gutzman would say that is a preamble
  • No nation on Earth trades fairly people!
  • Free and open trade you don’t want your local farmers competing with farmers around the world.




Caller Geston 

  • Small is Beautiful and getting back to small communities
  • 2nd Amendment  – your right to defend your family predates the 2nd Amendment
  • The movie Tombstone
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Caller Mitch from St. Louis –

  • Trade War
  • #MAGA we love war wether it is trade or physical
  • Lafayette to Covington 18wheeler collision lawyer billboards
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