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St_John_Fisher_FeaturedMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“We’ve never approached the subject from this point of view.  We have approached the lack of virtue in Western civilization today, and that most men, and certainly almost all young men, sans the ones you and I know, they do look at girls the way they are sensitized through soft-core porn which is 24/7 on the internet, soft-core porn which is 24/7 on television shows and movies.  It doesn’t help that the girls are now participating in it by dressing so immodestly.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let’s talk about the cult of transgender.

David Simpson:  I’ll tell you what, I was dumbfounded buy this – it really wasn’t really an article.  It was almost like excerpts from another website, right?  It kind of tracked two or three excerpts from this other website.  I think Rod Dreher put it together, didn’t he?

Mike:  Well, Dreher put it together, but he got it from several readers of his at that have been writing him about the subject of this – this is an epidemic now.  It has reached epidemic – if it were a disease, the CDC would be called in.  We’d all be wearing masks and running around.

Simpson:  As a matter of fact, the first writer said that in one year there was a 930% increase in these people who have gender dysphoria.

Mike:  Here’s the story.  He talks about the authenticity of this letter that he had posted.  Here you go.  The guy responds:


“I do not have US figures, but in the UK there has been a 930% increase in referrals for children who believe they are transgender – and this increase was seen in only one year.

“There are many theories attempting to explain the increase; some of them include social contagion, homophobia, the proliferation of pornography, girls not wanting to be treated as second class citizens so they “become male” hoping to be treated better, etc.

“My own daughter professes to be a boy. It is a nightmare. It came out of nowhere at age 15 – this is not a case of a girl who always wanted to be a boy, or always acted like a boy. This is a girl who was proud to be a girl until she developed physically and boys and men started treating her like a piece of meat and a second class citizen.”

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[end reading]

Mike:  We’ve never approached the subject from this point of view.  We have approached the lack of virtue in Western civilization today, and that most men, and certainly almost all young men, sans the ones you and I know, they do look at girls the way they are sensitized through soft-core porn which is 24/7 on the internet, soft-core porn which is 24/7 on television shows and movies.  It doesn’t help that the girls are now participating in it by dressing so immodestly.

I went to one of our favorite restaurants, you and I, yesterday.  I won’t mention any names, but it’s a grill.  You might have a good time there.  The waitresses there are all dressed as hookers.  They might have a decent t-shirt on above, but beneath their little half-length aprons – just imagine this.  This is a half-length apron.  This isn’t a full waitress apron that goes down to your knees.  It’s a half-length apron.  It can’t be more than 14 inches in height strapped around the waist.  There are no short pants that stick out underneath the apron.  As a matter of fact, the apron actually covers up more than the short pants do.  But that doesn’t stop them when you’re sitting at a table and their back is to you, as happened to me and several friends last night.  I was just aghast.  Of course, my friends are just [drooling, caveman noises].

I just looked at one of them and I went: Dude.  He went: I know, I know.  You’re going to do the Catholic thing on me.  I said: I’m not going to do the Catholic thing on you.  I’m going to do the gentleman thing on you.  What if that was your kid?  He goes: If my kid dresses like that.  I said: That doesn’t make it right.  Men participate in this.  This is a classless, virtueless, emasculated male society.  The real virtuous man would be the guy on the white horse in the armor that would throw a robe over that girl and say: My child, cover up.

Simpson:  Not only that, the man would come in and tell the other men – I think it was Father Ripperger who said this in one of his talks, that the biggest conquest of a man is conquering himself.  The knight would come in and say: Don’t give into your base inclinations.  Don’t give into your most crass desire.

Mike:  That’s right.  You’re not a Neanderthal.  They tell you you came from a monkey; you didn’t.  You came from God.  Act like it.

Simpson:  That’s right.  And if you can conquer yourself and protect a woman from yourself, then you’re doing the gentlemanly thing.

Mike:  Right.  This is part of what is driving this lesbianism.  It’s part of what is driving this transgenderism.  It is definitely part of what has totally emasculated male society or males today, because they’re not strong, they can’t conquer, won’t conquer, don’t conquer, and aren’t instructed to conquer their baseness, their lust.  As a matter of fact, I printed this out because I myself, I’m male.  I know you struggle with it, too.  We all do.  The maxims of St. Philip Neri for conquering lust, the grammar of the revolution.

The_way_it_should_be_Cross_DressingSt. Philip Neri had a monastery filled with young seminarians.  Across the way there was a convent filled with young seminariettes.  He knew that this was a problem.  He wrote this list.  He’s like: I’m going to counsel you on how you can conquer, you must conquer this.  You cannot see grace or get closer to God or closer to the beautiful created being male that you’re supposed to be while you’re out lusting.  Here’s the ones I highlighted.

Devotions to the Blessed Virgin is absolutely necessary.  There is no better means of obtaining God’s graces than through his most holy mother.  I always like to think, too, whenever you see this out in public and you’re tempted, just imagine that Mother Mary is sitting right next to you going: Michael.  That’s what I think.

“If young men wish to protect themselves from all danger of impurity, let them never retire to their own rooms immediately after dinner, either to read or write, or do anything else; but let them remain in conversation, because at that time the devil is wont to assault us with more than usual vehemence, and this is that demon which is called in Scripture the noonday demon, and from which holy David prayed to be delivered.”  Think about this.  I just mentioned the restaurant.  After you eat, you’re vulnerable.  When you’re tired and sleepy, you’re vulnerable.  You’re weak.

“Men should often renew their good resolutions, and not lose heart because they are tempted against them.”

“In temptations of the flesh, a Christian ought to have immediate recourse to God, make the sign of the cross over his heart three times, and say, “Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.”

“Let us always go to confession with sincerity.”

“We must pray incessantly for the gift of perseverance.”

That’s just kind of a, don’t tell me that this can’t be done.  Don’t tell me that that’s asking too much and God didn’t create men and women just alike so that we would be led to this.  There’s a vast difference in pursuance of the sacramental act using that beauty or harnessing that which God gave us, and then roaming about the countryside thinking that’s your purpose in life.  That’s what’s happening today.

Simpson:  Let’s get back to this Dreher article.  I found something in here so fascinating.  It was later on in the article.  There was an adolescent psychotherapist who wrote – I’m going to quote a little bit from this thing because it’s just too good not to.  I think it’s a woman, I’m not sure.


I was an adolescent psychotherapist for the better part of the last decade, had to stop seeing the kids last year because I couldn’t in good conscience do what was being asked if me – to immediately validate all emergent identities without exploration. There was an explosion of trans expression right after Laverne Cox appeared on the cover of Time in 2014. Trans is absolute brainwashing, or brain stretching to the point where the brain strains and rips apart.

Where I live their displays of adherence to the new dictate are ubiquitous. Firstly, the youth make themselves look deliberately ugly and or just strange, their appearance must function as a kind of constant disruption of the notion of any kind of underlying or essential order, they are walking, talking protestations. They must aggressify (that’s a made up word lol) their personas, as they have been taught any sort of coherence, or beauty is intricately linked to oppression and evil.

[end reading]

Simpson:  This is another point that very rarely gets brought up.  This whole issue of trans and homosexuality and sodomitical expression is all about not wanting to conform to what they have been told over and over and over again is evil, which is what?  Old society.  The bad guys, the racists, the homophobes, the bigots.  They so want to distance themselves from this that they’ll destroy themselves saying: I’m not part of that.  Here’s what she says:


doma gay marriageAs they do not wish to be seen as either of these things (in the new Queer world, original sin only exists exclusively outside of queer – to be queer is to be saved) so they embrace deformity, dissociate themselves from their biological imperatives, their inheritance, they literally sacrifice their biological future and potential to gain elevation in the new queer order. These are the new invaders, they are the ones protected and cheered for sacking the old order; their vanity is stoked daily by all media insuring they will continue with the ravaging of a world they were taught to consciously hate before they ever had chance to know it personally.

[end reading]

Mike:  That is just shocking.

Simpson:  I find that paragraph one of the most powerful indictments but the most explicit explanations of what’s going on.  They’ve been taught to hate their heritage.  They’ve been taught to hate everything that preceded them.  Therefore, to show that they aren’t what preceded them, they have to invalidate what they are or what came to them from their predecessors.

Mike:  From the heritage.  Their physical being and their – this explains the mutilation through tattoos.  It explains the mutilation through the hair.  It explains the mutilation of the ears with these ridiculous, I don’t even know how to describe these just strange, ugly, ginormous discs that people put in the lobes of their ears.  I read the same thing ten days ago or last week, what you just read.  I never thought of it like that, that it is a deliberate attempt to make ugly.  If we can make it ugly, then we’re going to God, [mocking] “You created me from them.  Guess what?  I’m not like them.

Simpson:  Right after I read this, I wrote this down as quickly as I could.  I truly think it was an inspiration.  I believe this might be from the Holy Ghost himself.  They’re trying to purify themselves with the filth.  In other words, if I can filthify myself, it proves that I’m not part of that whole thing that supposedly everyone is telling me is so bad and ugly and terrible, the faith.  Here’s their expressions summed up in two lines: I am not those bad things in the past.  That’s what they’re trying to say.  “I am not” is the inverse of God.  God said “I am.”  So “I am not” immediately shows that they’re inverting God.  I am not those bad things in the past.  I am not his mystical body.  I don’t want to be part of that thing that used to make the world beautiful and ordered and right and good and true.  I want to be part of the new world that is not any of those things.

Mike:  It’s not good and beautiful and ordered and true.

Simpson:  Isn’t that sad?  You were saying in the segment before I got here, if you don’t think that when we jettison religion that our heads are coming off, if you don’t believe that, then you need to wake up and look at everywhere religion has been rejected and see what really happens.  This is what happens.  This is what happens.

Mike:  Do you think they had transgendered and tattooed and mutilated and rampant homosexuality in Russia in 1917?

Simpson:  I think they drank themselves out of it.

Mike:  This brings us to something else that I think is attached to this.  There’s more to this story, “Cease That Desistance.”

Simpson:  Desistance is a technical term that they describe in there about having these deliberate thoughts of what you really are, I think.  Go read the article.  It’s powerful.


Mike:  This is connected to the, I think, the larger problem that I was discussing here earlier today.  When I was talking about the heads coming off, this becomes possible when you cannot distinguish between right and wrong, good law made in pursuance of the order and bad law, which is where we’re at right now.  We have laws on the books that prevent the Clinton global initiative, for example, of making deals through their intermediary, Mrs. Clinton, as Secretary of State of the United States.  There are laws on the books that prevent collusion.  You can’t sell access to the State Department.  You can’t sell speeches and other favors through the State Department.  You can’t sell and cut deals with central banks of other countries through the State Department.  You can’t plan and scheme to make war on other countries for the benefit of one of your donors through the State Department and the Department of Defense.  This is all illegal, all of it.  The war part, you might even say it’s treason because you are making war against us.

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Not a soul, not a soul has gone to jail over it.  The woman who was at the forefront of it all, who engineered the whole thing is skating scot-free, riding high, and thinks she’s going to be elected president.  You know what?  There’s about 130 million people that think she ought to be elected president.  If we can’t distinguish between what is, by definition – three-year-olds can figure out that this is criminal and corrupt.  If we can’t distinguish that as adults, how far of a hop, skip, and a jump is that from: You’re not allowed to have your little religion and be opposed to sodomitical marriages.  By law now, Caesar Obama or Clinton has decreed, you can’t.  If you don’t go along, the new supremacy law –

Let’s go back to England.  The new supremacy law says that we can now actually bring torture against those that violate our political and civil order.  How far of a skip is that to me being flayed out in town square over there, have my gut cut open, my intestines pulled out and burned right in front of me while I’m screaming, and then have the axman thankfully and mercifully cut my head off and have the guy come and divvy me up into four parts so I can be posted on the four corners of St. Tammany Parish in homage to the new order and the new law?  [mocking] “You’re just exaggerating.  You’re just a crazy, stupid Catholic.”  It happened!  It’s happened!

Simpson:  It’s happened in the past and it’s going to happen again.

Mike:  Seventeen nuns in their habits who never harmed a fly had their heads cut off because they wouldn’t take an oath on the 17th of July 1794, right underneath the Arc de Triomphe in downtown Paris.  Look it up.  Folks, if you don’t think this is coming, I don’t know what to tell you.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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