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“The Great Escape” From Roy Moore’s Evangelicalism? The Mike Church Show

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Mandeville, LA – The Family Research Council’s Coddling Of The Gay Goodman – I’ve written and talked about the fact that our “democratic system” is founded upon the warped principle that men can govern themselves with no external, higher authority needed. If that were a system that produced virtuous men, then the in-office sexual antics of Bill Clinton not only would not occur but would not be tolerated. Now comes the news that a GOP rising star in Ohio, Wes Goodman, is a pederast with a behind closed doors habit of propositioning boys for sex. This news is bad enough for supporters of Goodman who bills himself as a champion of the family but the fact that the Family Research Council was a supporter of Goodman’s and knew of his homosexual philandering (Goodman is married) but continued to support him is a bombshell. The fall of our glorious “republic” is being led by a generation of men who cannot bring themselves to be real men, imbued with the courage of their Christian convictions or even the nature of their gender.

Why Do Evangelicals Need To “Escape Roy Moore’s Evangelicalism”? – This is the quest proposed by Molly Worthen in Sunday’s NY Times. Worthen’s piece has some nuggets in it for those returning to the ancient form of the Catholic Latin Mass and the traditions that surround it.

“When I sought out conservative and progressive critics of white evangelical politics and asked them how to best understand it, this was their answer: pay attention to worship, both inside and outside of church, because the church is not doing its job. Humans thrive on ritual and collective acts of devotion. And the way we worship has political consequences. It shapes our response to evil and our reaction to people different from ourselves.”

That’s right! The phrase Worthen is looking for but does not use is “lex credendi, lex orandi”.

According to Prosper of Aquitaine, legem credendi lex statuat supplicandi, which is to say, ‘the law of prayer determines the law of belief’ 

“Mitter Chur, please, this has nothing to do with evangelicals and Roy Moore or Christians in ‘Muricah!” Oh but it does, because what happens inside sacred spaces, even if they are just perceived as sacred, has direct bearing on what happens outside of the sacred space because the sacred space is supposed to serve as the beau ideal of human acts and behavior. As Saint Prosper wrote:


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