The IRS Scandal Is Like Something Out Of Russia Or China Under Stalin Or Mao

todayMay 14, 2013

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – If you’re looking for a scandal, if you’re looking for something to jump up and down and scream about and have your hair set on fire and then go running up and down the streets hollering and screaming about the injustice of it all, then Benghazi is not it but the IRS story is.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  If you’re looking for a scandal, if you’re looking for something to jump up and down and scream about and have your hair set on fire and then go running up and down the streets hollering and screaming about the injustice of it all, then Benghazi is not it but the IRS story is.  I’d just like to go over this one more time.  I’ve been sitting here watching CNN all morning long.  I have not seen one mention of the IRS story.  I know everything there is to know about Angelina Jolie’s former breastages, but I know nothing about the simmering, brewing controversy and real scandal of abuse that was happening at the Internal Revenue Service, and a story and a case that is just now beginning to be told.


So nothing about the IRS, absolutely nothing, but nonstop Angelina Jolie double mastectomy.  You know what else I haven’t seen on the Clinton News Network, which just tells me this is why this is not news, I have not seen a mention that yesterday the jury in Philadelphia found that Kermit Gosnell is guilty on at least three of the counts of I believe the jury said he murdered those kids.  The jury was not unanimous on the other charges, so the judge sent them back into chambers and said: Go back in there and get me a verdict.  I want a verdict.  I want a unanimous verdict.  I don’t want any of this hung jury garbage.  Go in there and make a decision.  So the judge sent them back into their chambers.  Not a mention of this story, nothing, absolutely nothing on this.

Projects ’76: The IRS Power to Tax Is The Power to Destroy

Just to show that they do know these things are on the newswire, I have seen mentions of this story: Under sweeping subpoenas, Justice Department obtained AP phone records in leak investigation.  So if you’re investigating reporters and journalists, you can’t harass the press.  We have a First Amendment, Mr. Obama.   Mr. Holder, there’s a First Amendment to our Constitution.  That’s big, big news.  That’s really of great concern, but mere minutemen and Tea Party patriots and what have you being targeted by the Internal Revenue Service, which is an overt act of political retribution and corruption that should seal the deal for anyone that doesn’t think that there needs to be a serious rethinking of the American Union, and I don’t just mean because there’s corruption here.  It is because the size of the enterprise — again, I don’t know how many times we have to go over this.

magnificent samLet me put it to you this way: the IRS is probably going to outlive the Richmond Tea Party group, which was one of the groups that was singled out for questioning and for investigation by the Internal Revenue Service before being accorded a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.  The IRS is going to outlive those groups.  If this continues, they’ll be around a lot longer than the Richmond Tea Party group and the other groups.  There were 55 questions that have — apparently this group had the IRS questionnaire and has had it since they formed themselves in 2009.  More on tax exemption and non-profit status later in the program.

Getting to the meat and taters of the IRS story, again, what the big point about this ought to be is that if you have a government — the reason you construct or form or build or consecrate or ratify a government so you can live under it is for equal protection of laws.  It is not so that it can be used as a force to stack the odds in favor of one group over another, unless the group that’s having the odds stack on it are the law-abiding and having the law stacked against the lawless.  Then I suppose that is actually probably the end of your government.  It is to ensure the viability and survivability of the law-abiding over the lawless.  In the former instance, you have those that desire to live a peaceful existence and try and respect institutions, traditions, customs, private property rights, and then in the latter example you have those that choose to do the exact opposite.  One of the reasons you have a government is to afford yourself protection from the latter group.

Mike Church Show Transcript: Where’s The Benghazi-Sized Outrage Over The IRS Targeting Tea Party Groups?

These days, I wonder, is the split 90/10 for the law-abiding against the lawless, or have we lost the capacity to even distinguish among the law-abiding and the lawless?  After all, if you’re going to break this down and go by God’s law and the law of virtue and the laws of private property rights and right to enjoy and consume the products of your own labor, anyone that’s a teat suckler is in violation of that law.  Heaven knows there are more than enough teat sucklers to go around out there.

article-v-pamphlet-adWe have a lot to discuss here on this.  Michael Gerson has an editorial in the Washington Compost today.  The title of the editorial is “Political corruption at the IRS.”  I don’t think political corruption does this justice.  This is beyond political corruption.  This is dubious political corruption.  This is the desire by one party to gain a permanent advantage over another.  Is that the desire of the corrupt permanent advantage or is it a temporary advantage to just get ahead so that you’re not falling behind?  Gerson’s take on this is that — think about this.

Newsweek magazine famously had a cover shortly after the election of President Obama.  Do you remember this, Andrew?  The cover said we are all what now?  Socialists.  We are all socialists now.  Now that there’s evidence piling up that the IRS actually does political hatchet work that you would expect to hear coming out of Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s reign in China or Mussolini’s Italy or Hugo Chavez’s reign in Venezuela – you’d expect this out of a banana republic.  You have a government that goes out and finds people that are a thorn in their side and are posing a threat to hegemony, which means total rule by one over another, so you use the power and brute force, as Washington called it, of the government to flatten the playing field.  You don’t level it, you flatten it.  You make it so it’s all downhill and easy for one party and all uphill and difficult if not impossible for the other.

Gerson says, in exact reversal of 2009’s Newsweek magazine, we’re not all socialists now.  Now we’re all libertarians.  The IRS story is going to make us all libertarians now, which is what I thought was interesting or intriguing and fascinating about the op-ed.  Here’s what he writes in part:

Mike Church Show Transcript: Increase In Community Can Lead To A Decrease In Government


Suppose that the Environmental Protection Agency were to admit offhandedly that the fluoridation of water had only modest communist mind-control effects.

[end reading]

america-secede-or-die-t-shirtMike:  Andrew, have you heard the conspiracy theorists about the fluoridation of water?  Have you ever had anyone regale you about fluoridated water?

AG:  Not in a couple years.  I remember the vague beginnings of it but then it was: All right, guys.

Mike:  So you heard it and went: Oh, come on now, isn’t there something about the Capitals we can talk about?

AG:  Not after last night.  Either the government is really, really sneaky and efficient at what they do, or they’re incredibly inefficient.  I tend to believe they’re incredibly inefficient.

Mike:  Right.  I agree with you on that.  The only thing that stands in the way of the conspiracies actually taking over my mind in many instances is the fact that I know that vast majorities of those that work for the gubbmint are keystone cops.  If you’re not a silent movie buff, you wouldn’t know what that means.  They’re bunglers.  To believe they could efficiently pull this off in such mass quantities and would be able to perpetrate such a fraud, it’s a conspiracy.  A scandalous conspiracy at that level is to give them far more credit than they are due.  I tend to agree with you on wildly inefficient or the alternative.  Gerson brings this up with the fluoridation.

Mike Church Show Transcript: Bernanke Continues To Build Up The Economy For A Crash

By the way, I’m not going to get into an argument with any of you over whether or not if you take too much fluoride or drink too much fluoride you can go bonkers.  That’s not the point.  That may be true.  That’s not the point of the discussion, which I know my email box is now going to be, [mocking] “Have you read the surveys about fluoride, huh, buddy?  Have you read what happens when they fly those planes over our heads and gas us every day?  Have you never seen a contrail in the sky over your house?  Have you never thought for every one of those contrails there’s a UN black helicopter?  You’ve been assigned a spook, pal.  He’s tailing you in your every moment, every movement.  He knows how many pieces of silver you have in your safe deposit box, buddy.  He knows the serial numbers on ‘em, too.”  Back to Michael Gerson.


Suppose that the Environmental Protection Agency were to admit offhandedly that the fluoridation of water had only modest communist mind-control effects. Or the United Nations were to concede it had been running fleets of black helicopters over U.S. cities, but only in the course of conducting extensive goodwill tours.

[end reading]

fabfour-shirtMike:  By the bye, this IRS story is going to make — the conspiracy theorist industry is a great place to invest your money today.  Forget about gold.  Forget about silver.  Maybe I should get in on this.  Invest in conspiracy, because this IRS story almost guarantees a bull market in conspiracy.  I bet you won’t hear that anywhere else, will you?


The Internal Revenue Service has managed a similar confirmation. For years, tea party and patriot groups have breathlessly alleged that federal bureaucrats were conspiring against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Then federal bureaucrats conspired to target conservative groups because their tax documents contained the words “tea party” or “patriot,” and because they were “educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

[end reading]

Mike:  You can just katy bar the door now.  I tell you, bull market conspiracy here.  I wonder if we’re going to see a bull market in nullification and a bull market in secession.  I’m just curious.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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