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This Day In Founders History – 4 September

On this day in 1776, the Continental Congress convened, discussing amongst other things the necessity for cloth to manufacture tents for troops. “Mr. J. Mease . . . made a report, that he cannot find there is any cloth in this city, fit for making tents, except a parcel of light sail cloth, which is in the hands of the Marine Committee. Resolved, That the Marine Committee be directed to deliver to Mr. J. Mease all the light sail cloth in their hands: And that Mr. Mease be directed to have the same made into tents, as soon as possible, and forwarded to General Washington . . .”

In 1779 on this day, the Continental Congress was informed that William Henry Drayton, a delegate for South Carolina, died the previous evening. “Resolved, That Congress will, in a body, attend the funeral this evening, at six o’clock, as mourners, with a crape around the left arm, and will continue in mourning for the space of one month.”

September 4, 1781, the Continental Congress “Resolved, That the Board of War be, and is hereby directed to write to the marquises de Castres and Segur . . . expressing the high sense which Congress entertain of the distinguished merit and conduct of Lieutenant Colonel du Buysson in the service of the United States, and particularly of his bravery displayed in the action of the 16 August, 1780, near Camden, and his efforts to bring off the field Major General the Baron de Kalb, who was mortally wounded, [in consequence of which services he was honored with the commission of brigadier-general by the governor of North Carolina.]”


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Patrick Henry

Thanks for doing this Mike, I started my own Re-Founding fathers group on facebook with the aid of David Simpson. If I can’t find anything else worth posting, I use this day in founders history that you post on your website. I’m a little discouraged so far because I’m not getting very much participation. Maybe it’ll pick up though, please keep doing what you’re doing. You took everything I thought I knew about being a conservative and turned it on its head. It took me a little longer than your required 8 weeks, but the light finally went off. Thanks for the education my friend!

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