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This Day In Founding Fathers History – 7 September

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This Day In Founders History – 7 September

On this day in 1813, the Troy Post of Troy, New York printed the earliest known reference to “Uncle Sam.” Some sources claim the name originated with Samuel Wilson, a meat packer from Troy. Wilson supplied beef to the army during the War of 1812 and stamped the barrels with “U.S.” for United States. Some say one of Wilson’s workers jokingly referred to the U.S. as standing for “Uncle Sam,” for Wilson, and it spread to the workers, who later served in the army. Another theory is that the term “Uncle Sam” originated with the initials USLD (United States Light Dragoons). The soldiers would supposedly say the initials on their caps stood for “Uncle Sam’s Lazy Dogs.” Regardless of where he originated, Uncle Sam is a household term and iconic image to this day.

One notable birthday on this day in history in 1819, that of Thomas Hendricks, 21st Vice President of the United States to President Grover Cleveland. Previously, Hendricks served as the 16th Governor of Indiana, U.S. Senator from Indiana, and U.S. Representative, serving one term each for Indiana’s 5th and 6th districts. Hendricks died in office while serving as VP.


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