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This Day In Founding Fathers History – 30 November 2012

On this day in 1804, the Senate began its third impeachment trial, this time of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase. Virginia Rep. John Randolph initiated the impeachment proceedings. Chase was accused of “refusing to dismiss biased jurors” and “excluding or limiting defense witnesses in two politically sensitive cases.” He was also accused of promoting his own political agendas from the bench. Chase’s defense was that he was being tried for his personal political views and not for any crime or wrongdoing. He was acquitted of all charges on March 1, 1805 and he remained on the bench until his death in 1811. 1

One notable birthday on this day in history in 1723, that of William Livingston. Livingston practiced law in New Jersey for over a decade. He rose to a leadership position amongst the Calvinists, who opposed the Anglican leadership in the colony. He wrote pointed satirical broadsides and verses and opposed the Anglican attempts to charter King’s College. As Livingston grew tired of practicing law, he purchased land in New Jersey with the intention of continuing his writing and living the life of a gentleman farmer. As the revolution grew, Livingston became involved in colonial politics serving on committees and as a delegate to the Continental Congress. He then served in the New Jersey militia, was later elected the first Governor of New Jersey, and developed a passion for agriculture. Livingston was a delegate to the Federal Convention of 1787, signed the Constitution, and was influential in New Jersey’s quick ratification of the Constitution. 2

1 United States Senate website,

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I listen to you everyday and have heard you mention it before when asked which “one” amendment you would like to see overturned and why. Thanks in advance for the reply and keep up the good work brother.

Dr. Michael A. Basha

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