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This Thanksgiving, Give Thanks To… Lincoln!? How Bout “NO” – The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA – Give Thanks To Old Dishonest Abe For Giving Us “Thanksgiving”!? – Jayme Metzgar heaps praise upon the scion of true liberty, Ol’ Dishonest Abe Lincoln, for urging the ‘Muircans of 1863, 1864 to “give thanks” and thus giving us the first real Thanksgivings we are about to enjoy. Metzgar’s praise of Lincoln is also a praise of the disorder created by the secular “nation” ‘Muricah was created as, then there’s this.

“Perhaps most noteworthy is the clear religious tone of the Thanksgiving proclamations. Lincoln did not call for vague, general gratitude of the sort we find in modern Hallmark cards. Rather, he called for “thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens,” and even more strongly in 1864, “thanksgiving and praise to Almighty God, the beneficent Creator and Ruler of the Universe.”

This is unvarnished, Christ defying idolatry, so common at the time and now taken as a universal boon. But how can this religiosity and love of God have come from the man who was orchestrating the systemic subjugation of a nation, the Confederacy, at the end of a Gatling gun? Lincoln and his radical Republicans greed for exploiting the resources of the South and its people resulted in Total War theory, 843,000 dead and the birth of the totalitarian state we toil under today.

But Wait, Mitter Chur, Lincoln Started The War of Northern Aggression Didn’t He!? – According to historian james Oakes, Lincoln and his radical Republican buddies actually DID start the war and for the reasons originally stated: To end Constitutional protection of slavery.

“Coming out of the 1860 election, Republicans declared that there were two possible policies. The first was to make freedom national and restrict slavery to the states where it already existed. Republican policymakers would seal off the South: they would no longer enforce the Fugitive Slave Clause; slavery would be suppressed on the high seas; it would be abolished in Washington DC, banned from all the Western territories, and no new slave states would be admitted to the Union. A “cordon of freedom” would surround the slave states. Then Republicans would offer a series of incentives to the border states where slavery was weakest: compensation, subsidies for voluntary emigration of freed slaves, a gradual timetable for complete abolition.”

How’s that for an updated history lesson, but wait, the next part is even more secular, “Christian”, star spangled awesome.

The South would simply have to accept this. And if it couldn’t tolerate such a federal policy, it could leave the Union. But once it seceded, all bets would be off — it would lose the Constitutional protections that it had previously enjoyed. The Republicans would then implement the second policy: direct military emancipation, immediate and uncompensated.

Take that rednecks! Either do what we say or we will claim we are justified in invading, killing and subjugating you into submission. And we wonder why it is so easy for ‘Muricans to commit similar atrocities across the globe. “It’s baked in”.

Buchanan: ‘Muricah, You Cannot Possibly Be Serious About Being Exceptional Anymore – The high-water mark of ‘Murican exceptionalism occurred when JFK dealt with the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1963 and it has all been revolutionary and downhill ever since says Pat Buchanan.

We seemed a more serious and united nation and people then than we are today, where so much that roils our society and consumes our attention seems unserious and even trivial. Since 1962, this nation has dethroned its God and begun debates about which of the flawed but great men who created the nation should be publicly dishonored.

But what if the “exceptional” part of “exceptionalism” was based upon a flawed premise: that a “nation” is made great by its military prowess and ability to dominate other countries with it? Were Sparta, Ancient China, Mongolia, Rome, Persia, The ottoman Empire et al “exceptional”? Are they still exceptional today? Would a modest, in-scale ‘Muricah made up of diverse federations and republics  in a real “union” be an “exceptional” alternative? Yes, it would for civil scale would prevent the abuses we are possessed of today beginning with the planet sized debt being created by our “exceptional” ruling masters today.

A Rose By Any Other Name is Still… – Charlie Rose, the “quicker picker upper” stands accused of sexual impropriety with 8 women who worked with or for him in the last 15 years. Note that “feminists” still insist that women are men in every way save for plumbing so why is it only men who have asserted “power” over women to gain sexual, flirting favors? (most of this stuff is aggressive flirting) I am all for a return of chivalry but the mob doesn’t want that, it wants heads and regime change. Now chant this SJW poem/safe space song after me. “Hey yo, He a Ho, All da evil men must go!”


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