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Using Alien Friend Powers To Lock Muslims Out of The States

todayJanuary 13, 2015 2

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    Using Alien Friend Powers To Lock Muslims Out of The States TheKingDude

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Mandeville, LA  – Mike Church explains what would happen if the State of GA decided to deny entry to international flyers using Hartsfield Airport. Using the example of the University of GA’s Lacrosse team, inviting the Scottish LaCrosse team over for a tournament Mike explains: “Did UGA ask John Kerry for permission?, what if we run the experiment in reverse, do UGA players and coaches have to obtain Kerry or Congress’s permission? Did Phil Mickleson & Co have to in playing the Ryder Cup? The point being that we already acknowledge that “alien friends” can be admitted into the several states at their pleasure. As James Madison explained in his Virginia Report of 1800 just because a power is implied it does NOT proceed that every instance where that power could be used is covered.

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    Using Alien Friend Powers To Lock Muslims Out of The States TheKingDude

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    Using Alien Friend Powers To Lock Muslims Out of The States TheKingDude


A power to act when a case occurs, does not include a power over all means which tend to prevent the occurrence ; which  would frustrate every practicable definition of limited powers.  Thus it would involve,

1. A power over religion, lest a bigoted and tyrannical state  should invade us on account of our belief.

2. A power over popular instruction, and over the provision for the poor, as tending to prevent insurrections, &c.

7. That the Constitution has given to the states no power to remove aliens, and that there would be, else, no power in the  country to send away such as are dangerous, does not justify the Alien-act; because,

1. Several powers are withheld from both the federal and state governments, as to tax exports ; so that the non-possession of a power by the state governments, does not imply its posses-sion by the federal government.

2. The powers of the state governments are not the gift of the Federal Constitution, but the residuum remaining in the states, after the delegation of certain ‘specific powers to the Union.

Madison makes the point over and over again in The Report that alien-friends are of an entirely different legal status than alien-friends, e.g.

4. The laws of nations distinguish between alien-friends, and alien-enemies, allowing the removal of the latter at discretion,  but holding the former to be under a temporary allegiance, and entitled to a corresponding protection.

And as Madison explains if the laws of a State or municipality can be summoned to protect said alien-friend which power carries with it residency of some sort then, that power can be revoked under the same sovereignty and residency or admission denied, thus a State  power to deny entry to ebola patients or residents of certain countries.

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Written by: TheKingDude

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