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Veritas et Sapientia-Chivalrous Knights And Their Pilgrimages

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Mandeville, LA – The greatest work ever written on the subject of chivalrous knights and their pilgrimages was written by Geoffroi de Charny, a French Knight. Charny’s book is considered the hand guide to chivalry.

We shall first consider those who aim to make their reputation by a great enterprise, undertaking distant journeys and pilgrimages in several far-away and foreign countries; they may thereby see many strange and unusual things at which other men who have not traveled abroad would wonder because of the strange marvels and extraordinary things described by those men who have seen them; and those who listen can scarcely believe what they hear, and some say mockingly that it is all lies. And it should seem to all men of worth that those who have seen such things can and should give a better and truer account of them than those who will not or dare not go there, nor should nor can any one reasonably say, without having been there, that such people lie.

Read and listen to Mike Church’s telling of the Siege of Malta!

We should therefore be glad to listen to, behold, and honor those who have been on distant journeys to foreign parts, for indeed no one can travel so far without being many times in physical danger. We should for this reason honor such men-at-arms who at great expense, hardship, and grave peril undertake to travel to and see distant countries and strange things… Nevertheless one should honor and respect such men who subject themselves in this way to physical danger and hardship in order to see these strange things and make distant journeys. And they find satisfaction in doing this because of the wondrously strange things which they have seen and still want to see. And indeed it is a fine thing, but nevertheless I say: he who does more is of greater worth.Georffroi de Charny, A Knight’s Own Book

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