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Virginia Governor Cheers Repeal Of VA Constitution, Where’s The Outrage?

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript Jim, you may as well have burned the Virginia Constitution because you’re right, that federal court basically said the people of Virginia do not have the legal authority to amend their own charter if a federal judge or a civil rights interest group has a contravening preference.  Self-government is gone.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Jim in Virginia is next on the Mike Church Show.  Hello, Jim, how you doing?

Caller Jim:  Yes, sir.  I’m doing fine, Mr. Church.  I buried the U.S. Constitution in 1992 when Waco, Texas happened.  I watched that in great horror.  I cremated it and sang Taps over it.  Now I’ve watched and witnessed the tearing down of state constitution after state constitution.  California’s was tore down several times by the Ninth Court.  My state constitution of Virginia was made null and void this week by a federal court that shouldn’t have even heard the case.  Shouldn’t have even been one.  There is no such thing anymore as state sovereignty.  I have been told now I not only have to obey my state overlords, I have to make sure I obey the federal overlords.  I don’t even think I have such a thing as a state anymore.  Why is there even a border?

Mike:  I’ve asked the same question, Jim.  It sounds like you’re a listener and you know this already.  I’ve asked the exact same question.  Here’s what makes Virginia’s situation even worse.  You have a traitor who is a governor.  You have a governor that swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution.  You have an attorney general that did so.  They were both complicit in that decision to throw out the amendment to the Virginia Constitution banning same-sex marriages.  After the fact, what did Governor McAuliffe say?  He said he was overjoyed.  In other words, he was overjoyed that 58 percent of the people that voted for that amendment in 2008 or 2009, that their wishes, as had been passed by the legislature, to the referendum — the referendum is approved.  The governor is overjoyed that the previous action of the citizens of Virginia has been rendered null and void by an authority that doesn’t have any dominion over Virginia.  It’s even worse in Virginia.

Caller Jim:  Well, my state assembly and my delegate didn’t even make a whimper about it, not even a whimper.  My own family and my neighbors, not even a whimper.

Mike:  Jim, let me encourage you to say one thing.  I thank you for your phone call.  When you said state sovereignty doesn’t exist anymore, that’ snot true.  It does.  It’s not acknowledged.  It exists de jure but right now de facto.  Right, mister lawyer?  Wait, do I have that order correct.

David Simpson:  Yeah, and I think that was a great distinction.  Jim, I sympathize with you.  We all feel like the law is in the toilet.  That’s what’s wrong with America is no one is respecting the law.  I think you’ve got it inverted, and that is, it’s not that the constitutions are null and void, it’s that no one is acknowledging them, as Mike just said.  What you should do, I think, is not despair that there is no law anymore, but to start yelling from the housetops that we have to have law to protect each other and all of society.  Get back out there and fight.  Don’t wave the white flag.  Bring that Constitution that you burned, go buy another one and bring —

Mike:  I’ll send you one, Jim.

Simpson:  — it to them and say: We’re going to live by this or we’re going to die without it.  That’s the only fight we have left.

Mike:  It is, legally speaking and politically speaking, the last resort.  It’s also the foundation.  It’s the fundamental foundational law that was agreed to.

Simpson:  The reason they keep usurping it and attacking it and trying to destroy it is they realize that the average American knows it exists, they expect it to be enforced, and they have to come up with all these rationalizations why they’re going to get around it.  They know that it binds them and they can’t stand it.  We have to keep insisting that it bind them.

Mike:  Bind them to do what is the question.  What does it bind you to do?  Just as an aside here, we want the civil authority to be bound.  We want them to be bound by the foundational law of the Constitution.  Similarly, and this is what really irks me about the case in Virginia, Virginia’s civil authority should be bound as well.  If you want to talk about not having reverence, it was June the 28th we celebrated here in the Founders Tradin’ Post and on the show and on the air and myself personally, the day Patrick Henry assumed the office of Governor of the State of Virginia.  Virginia had been in session, an assembly of elected representatives.  They had formed and written the first publicly-created constitution for a free people in the history of the world.  They attached a bill of rights to it, they voted on it, they ratified it, and the first act after it was ratified was to have a governor.

What was the first act?  They appointed Henry governor.  Henry assumed the governorship on the 28th of June.  Note that this predates the Declaration of Independence, another strike against the blobbists that it’s always been [mocking] “the intention of the founding fathers that we would always have this one nation.”  No, dude, it wasn’t.  In any event, the Virginians lived under this for almost 50 years.  Then in 1829 they had a convention and amended their constitution.  They had another convention and basically came up with a new one.  They basically saved some of the good parts of the old one.  That one, for the most part — there’s been an amendment convention or two since, I think — remains in effect.

For McAuliffe and company to just act so cavalierly in order to cater to a lobby that cannot exceed two percent of the population, you talk about reverence, that is probably the most un-providential act of irreverence in American political history here.  I can’t think of how you could do more damage than by what McAuliffe and the attorney general for the State of Virginia, and for all the other nitwits out there.  You turned your back on your foundational, fundamental law in Virginia, which you had amended, like I said, 58 to 42.  You have a history that spans over 240 years of that constitution so you can throw a little “I feel really good about myself” bone to a constituency that, as I said, cannot exceed two percent of the population.  You just took that whole history and the constitution and put it on the floor in the statehouse in Virginia or wherever it was and you micturated on it.  You might as well have.

Jim, you may as well have burned the Virginia Constitution because you’re right, that federal court basically said the people of Virginia do not have the legal authority to amend their own charter if a federal judge or a civil rights interest group has a contravening preference.  Self-government is gone.  The only form of self-government you have is: We’ll let you decided whether or not you get 7 or 8 percent sales tax on that particular item.  Like Chris Ferrara four weeks ago on this show: How’s that taxation with representation working out for you?

Simpson:  I think the real underlying problem is something that Ferrara talks about, which is we lost the moral compass that directs all of our action.

Mike:  What’s that?

Simpson:  I know.  The people can’t even rise up because they go: It’s against my religion.  Well, we don’t recognize religion.  It’s against my values.  Well, I’m sorry if other people have equal value.  It’s on and on you go.

Mike:  Now Satanists have value, too.

Simpson:  They all have them.

Mike:  Satan is now on equal protection of the laws.  I don’t know if you saw this story.  My friend David Simpson, author of Financial Sanity — we’re going to talk a little debt and how to maybe think differently about your own personal financial affairs in just a moment here.  I showed you this story, “Satanists want Hobby Lobby-style religious exemption from anti-choice counseling laws.”  You know what they want is they want to be able to tell a court and they want a court to side with them that because their god, Satan — who is it Eric, Bopet?

Eric:  I think it was something like Boba Fett.

Mike:  The goat-head demon.  They’re a religion, too.  They don’t want the counseling to women before they have abortions because Boba Fett has his heart set and his sights set on the soul of that soon-to-be-among-us child.  You can almost guarantee that he’s going to get it if the abortion goes through.  You can stop counseling.  It’s bad for business for Boba Fett.  It’s bad for business.  We can’t have counseling because abortion is something that — this is the grizzly part — because Boba Fett endorses and believes in abortion and believes in a woman’s right to killer her unborn child or soon-to-be-among-us child.  We need religious protection for Boba Fett.  They’re probably going to get this into a court.

Simpson:  I think so.

Mike:  Why shouldn’t a court say: Yes, your religion is as good as the next.  We don’t have religions here actually any longer.

Simpson:  That’s right.  Then where do we go?  Where do we go, Mike?

Mike:  We’re already there.

Simpson:  But where do we go?  What country will we be at that point?  Where will we be broadcasting from then?

Mike:  Hungary.  They have a Christian constitution.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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To the citizens of Virginia, this Texian urges you to realize and reclaim your soveriegnty and recall or impeach your Governor and AG for their treason against you. Here is a legitimate case of using the word treason and its seemingly passed by except for Mike Church and a few vigilant Virginians. Dare to speak ill of ole dishonest Abe and speak of State soverignty and the vox populi will brand you a traitor, while tolerating actual treason.

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