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What Do Local Sheriff’s Need Drones For in the Land of the Free, Mobile Home of the Brave?

todayJune 8, 2015 1

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    What Do Local Sheriff’s Need Drones For in the Land of the Free, Mobile Home of the Brave? ClintStroman

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio and Transcript – This Clip of The Day was originally aired and published on May 14,2012 and is part of the Founders Pass Flashback Collection.

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    What Do Local Sheriff’s Need Drones For in the Land of the Free, Mobile Home of the Brave? ClintStroman

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    What Do Local Sheriff’s Need Drones For in the Land of the Free, Mobile Home of the Brave? ClintStroman


“It’s just the next evolution in law enforcement.”

I like to infer of law enforcement that law enforcement is something that, here’s another misnomer, that it used to be if you were a man with a badge and a gun, you were a peace officer.  You’re not a peace officer anymore, buddy, because we have to lock you up to make sure that the prisons stay full.  Here’s another one of these statistics.  While David Webb of the Saturday morning Sirius XM Patriot fame is jabbing and jiving with me and my followers on the Twitter feed about Switzerland and how it’s not worth anything, just a vassal state for the rest of the world and what have you and we shouldn’t be talking about this because [mocking] “We live in the greatest empire in the history of empires.”

Somebody was pointing out, and I repointed it out, that the country with the most amount of incarcerated people per capita is what?  We are number one in something.  AG, do you know what we’re number one in?  Prisons.  The Chinese can’t touch us on this.  We’re number one in people locked up, number one.  Louisiana, embarrassingly, Louisiana is number one amongst the number one.  My State of Louisiana, my country of Louisiana, is the number one police state, prison state in the world, not just in the United States, on the face of the planet.  We’re the number one union of states, the United States.  Inside the United States, there are individuals competing for the title of number one and my State of Louisiana is one.

There’s a front page series of editorials running on the local fish wrap here, the Times-Picayune, about how your parish prisons have become industries employing tens of thousands of Louisianans with the highest incarceration rate on the face of the Earth.  Remember, we are the bastion of freedom and liberty and flags are waving and there’s pomp and circumstance and patriotic music is playing and you can smell the apple pies cooling in the windows.  Underneath there lurks a deep, dark secret.  You can hear the deep voice movie trailer man announce.  We lock more people up.  We are now about to deploy drones, I guess because we’re not locking enough people up, and we the people are out here doing things that the cops seem to believe they need to know.  They need to figure out what it is that we’re doing.  They need to find out more things that we’re doing wrong so that they can increase the incarceration rate.

Does anyone else not have a problem with this?  If they were to do this in China, we’d be hearing about what a gulag state they are.  If they were doing this in Cuba or if Hugo Chavez were doing this, we’d be hearing about the horrors of it.  [mocking] “What’s wrong with those people over there?  What’s wrong with the Chinese flying drones over people’s houses, looking for people to arrest the Chinese people for?”  If they were doing this in Iran, Romney and Santorum would be holding a joint news conference right now to announce a bombing campaign to take out the Iranian drones.  [mocking] “They’re terrorizing and torturing their people.  They’re looking for more excuses to lock people up in Iranian prisons.”  Iran is down at the bottom of the list of people in prisons.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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Written by: ClintStroman

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