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Evangelicals Shouldn’t Follow “Conservative” Heretics On Same Sex Marriage

republican_Matrix_tshirtMandeville, LA –  The perversions visited upon our beloved “nomocratic” Constitution pale in comparisons to the perversions visited upon our Beloved, Benedicted Lord’s teaching on marriage & morality. Now, according to Protestant blogger Benjamin Corey, “conservative…Christians” hold “personal theological position[s]” on such things as “support for civil marriage equality.” This equality is preferred, Corey boastfully proclaims, because “The United States is not a theocracy where the church rules over society”. This may be true but for members of the Church Militant, it is also lamentable. The first statement reduces the pursuit of Sanctifying Grace to the level of making a selection of numbered meal choices at Burger King and the second celebrates the fatal flaw in the Constitution system. I wonder what the men of the NRA Convention in 1871, would think of Corey’s embrace of Satan’s victory over the Founders? Citing the Reverend Thomas Robbins in 1815, the NRA  identified the “sins of our nation”.

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“In our national capacity we have not acknowledged and served the God of heaven. The great evil of our country, in my view, has been that we have attempted to strike out a new path to national prosperity regardless of all the dictates of experience, and the testimony of the Word of God. We have been not a religious, but a political people. Our government was formed upon the principle of excluding all religious principles and character. The country was universally pleased with this feature of the Constitution, believing that, unlike all other prosperous nations that have ever existed, we should rise to national greatness without any national religion. God is not formally recognized, owned or worshipped. I speak not of individuals, for we doubt not that the Lord Jesus has his church in our land, which has enjoyed the rich blessings of His Holy Spirit. But in our collective national capacity we do not worship the God of heaven, we do not acknowledge his Son, we do not receive His Holy Word. I do not recommend the the legal establishment of any particular denomination, but lament that our nation has not adopted some method of professing a humble acknowledgment of the Saviour of men, and of the religion of the Holy Scriptures.” – Thomas Robbins, a sermon delivered, CT [emphasis mine]

10 years after the NRA convention adjourned sine dei, the Holy Father, Pope Leo XIII reiterated the Roman Catholic Church’s position on France’s then agitation to “separate Church & state”.

Value your immortal soul, hold the line on universal, agreed upon Doctrine and when in doubt pray to your guardian angel and Our  Lady to reveal the Truth to you

“Human societies cannot, without becoming criminal, act as if God did not exist or refuse to concern themselves with religion, as though it were something foreign to them, or of no purpose to them…. As for the Church, which has God Himself for its author, to exclude her from the active life of the nation, from the laws, the education of the young, the family, is to commit a great and pernicious error.”

The fact that American “conservatism” is apparently so dumbfounded of what both Protestants and Catholics of the 18th century agreed upon concerning the diabolic tendency of an irreligious State is representative of conservatism’s stultifying condition today. If Corey is representative of today’s “Evangelical Christian” it is no wonder Ouija Boards are popular in and outside of “Christian” homes? The Catholic/Christian/Protestant agreement on marriage and its purpose, the creation of children to live and love God, held until 193o in England then 1931 in the U.S. when the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America (FCC) gave its approbation to birth control. Only the Catholic Church remains faithful on this Doctrine, just as Father Fulton J. Sheen had predicted she would in March 1931, after the FCC statement.

“Since a week ago last Saturday, we can no longer expect them to defend the law of God. These sects will work out the very logic of their ways, and in 50 or 100 years there will be only the [Catholic] Church and paganism. We will be left to fight the battle alone, and we will.”

Our_Lady_of_sorrowsMy point is to bring to the reader’s attention the fact that men like Benjamin Corey are promoting scandal (to the weak) and heresy (to the willing) and are imperiling millions of souls in the process. God’s Biblical law, reaffirmed by Christ’s teaching on marriage and the family are identical in origin and age to his law and teaching on homosexuality. The historical record and the influence of the Holy Spirit bear this out. It is Man that finds new “meaning” and thus new excuses to enjoy the sinful comfort of their fellow citizens acceptance and praise – acts of Pride & Vanity – in marriage and the marital power of pro-creation. Don’t fall for this new-age mysticism Corey is promoting as Evangelism. Value your immortal soul, hold the line on universal, agreed upon Doctrine and when in doubt pray to your guardian angel and Our Lady of Sorrows to reveal the Truth to you. Truth you can find among other places Here, here and from St Augustine here.

“Well now, what is it which St. Ambrose has here condemned in the true doctrine of this deliverance?— is it the goodness of marriage, or not rather the worthless opinion of these heretics,…? I have thought it worth while to adduce this testimony, because Pelagius mentions Ambrose with such commendation as to say, “The blessed Bishop Ambrose, in whose writings more than anywhere else the Roman faith is clearly stated, has flourished like a beautiful flower among the Latin writers. His fidelity and extremely pure perception of the sense of Scripture no opponent even has ever ventured to impugn.” I hope he may regret having entertained opinions opposed to Ambrose, but not that he has bestowed this praise on that holy man.”

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As an Evangelical Christian, I can tell you that Mr. Corey is wrong in stating Conservative Christians hold “personal theological position[s]” as a whole or majority of the grouping. As a group we cannot and should not hold any position outside of the theology within Scripture. We can have opinions as individual humans, however, if they are outside of Scripture then we are plainly incorrect as our fallibility is wont to do. Same-sex marriage is strongly out of line with the Godly intention of marriage regardless of what mortals want it to be. To change the concept is indeed heresy. There should be zero disagreement between Catholics and Evangelicals on this matter. This is not a religious discussion at our level. It is a following of the dictates of a Just and Holy God.

Wil Shrader Jr.

The link above that says “Pope Leo XIII” is actually Pope Pius X. Just sayin’.

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