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From Defending Chastity To Promoting Adultery-The Sad Decline of Chivalry

From Defending Chastity To Promoting Adultery-The Sad Decline of Chivalry- The Mike Church Show interview with Joseph Pearce

Special Guest Joseph Pearce host of The Pearcing Truth – The Sad Decline of Chivalry

Listen to More, Mike Church Interviews with Jospeh Pearce!

Headmaster Pearce

  • Mike Church and Jospeh Pearce discuss: HEADLINE: For want of a lot of good men by Anna Hitchings
  • She thinks we have reached a crisis.
  • Chivalrous men seem to be an endangered species.
  • The Sad Decline of Chivalry
  • Making masculinity popular again!
  • The decline of chivalry, a significant part was the decline of being reverent to Our Lady.
  • It became more about how do you “seduce” the lady instead of how can you respect and treat the lady right.
  • Angels vs Demons – Angels can fly because they take things lightly vs Demons…
  • If we start taking ourselves too seriously, we will fall in the state of the Demons, the law of Gravity will do you in…Original sin.
  • We believe in miracles so we should believe everyone is redeemable.
  • Crossing the Tiber is a metaphor for coming to Rome. So crossing from the World to the Church so to speak.
  • Tampa Florida microbrews there are 48 of them!
  • They are personal, the person has dignified the product. It is made by the person. They have refined their craft. This is another example of Small Is Beautiful.
  • They are effectively just buying the label. They have no intention of continuing the beer.
  • Two things go hand in hand here. The scale and diminishing returns.
  • Once a product is made by a machine, it loses its charm.
  • Some things have to be produced on a big scale like cars but things like beer and cheese they need the human scale.
  • Chesterton wrote about all of those things….cheese, beer, wine. He knew what he was doing.
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