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Declaration, draft mystery solved


The Declaration of Independence-Mystery of The Missing Original, SOLVED! Pages Of Independence

"OVER the past two centuries many legends, myths, misconceptions, and palpable error have clustered about the Declaration of Independence... All of them, including the signed and engrossed copy, share in common the fact that they are derivatives of the prototype which was adopted by Congress on the evening of July 4, 1776, and which unhappily disappeared from history almost at the moment of its creation." - Historian Julian Boyd, commissioned […]

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Dads And Chesterton – Father’s Day Extravaganza

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – For those modern conservatives out there that say, [mocking] “Conservatism is not always looking forward.  It’s not always looking to the future.”  Conservatism ought to be looking at what Chesterton just said.  Conservatism ought to be looking at what ought to be, not this ridiculous notion that progress is progress for progress’s sake is a good.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…. [private […]

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Daily Clip

I Prefer John Adams’ “Colossus of Independence” to America Colossus of Earth

"John Adams was our Colossus on the floor. He was not graceful, nor elegant, nor remarkably fluent; but he came out, occasionally, with a power of thought and expression that moved us from our seats." - Thomas Jefferson as transcribed by Daniel Webster Mandeville, LA -This Clip of The Day was originally aired and published on Dec 13,2013 and is part of the Founders Pass Flashback Collection. On Thursday's show I relayed a […]

todayJune 18, 2015

Project '76

Independence: Virginia Defied George III Before The Declaration & Elected Patrick Henry Governor

Mandeville, LA - (Editor's Note: This piece originally appeared on 1 July, 2013) On Saturday, 29 June, 1776 the VA Convention, on the 3rd vote, gave its approbation to the Constitution for the Commonwealth of VA and Independence, days before Congress jointly acted. That same day, newly elected delegates to its first Assembly, voted Patrick Henry as the first governor of VA. Previously, during the debate over VA's soon to […]

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