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The Blood on Mrs Clinton’s Hands Over Libya

todaySeptember 18, 2012 2

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OVERDUE: The Pentagon suspends joint US/Afghan operations-now, let’s GET OUT of Afghanistan and the Middle East entirely

TIC – Southern Gentlemen and Russell Kirk- Clyde Wilson on the true conservative and the features/traits he brings to our discourse (you won’t find these on Fox News these days)

If you are looking to cure your Constitution day hangover of ebullient federal gubbmint worship, try watching Tom Woods cut it all to ribbons

CIA op Michael Scheuer confirms those suspicions “Mrs Clinton has blood on her hands”

I have been consistent in my condemnation of the Obama White House & Administration that they are complicit in Ambassador Stevens’ death-CIA op Michael Scheuer confirms those suspicions “Mrs Clinton has blood on her hands”

Now that Constitution Day has passed here is a more sober reminder of what its abuse wrought: Antietam

For those who think I sympathise with Lefty Libs, please know that I hold this man in the highest constitutional/[r]epublican contempt possible

He’s baaa-aaaaack: Little Ricky Santorum begins planning his 2016 run because he is NEXT in line as GOP guarantees 3rd consecutive defeat for the White House

New book aims: “RESTORING Hamilton to his rightful place among our founding fathers”!? And for the BIG surprise, purports to show that it was Jefferson who needs a smackdown while Hamilton is propped up

James W. Antle III – The awful reality of the choice Americans face this November: A Romney who cannot be himself for fear that man is unelectable and an Obama that promises moons and delivers pea pods

If last week was supposed to be the watershed leadership moment for Romney, the “base” forgot to read the memo

The leaked video that shows Romney saying what common sensical people would say about the non-productive – so not exciting

Dreher: The GOP continues blindly following the S**t happens Party and has NO remorse when it come sto Iraq

For 8 seconds Paul Ryan’s “budget plan: actually DID have Defense cuts in it which are now the subject of total denouncements by the Romney campaign. SAD

SLOTH NATION: Obama Admin continues to set records for new “disability” claims

Irony: The man who could CEO our way back to prosperity cannot seem to CEO his way into the White House

GALLUP: 2/3 of Democrats say that government should do MORE, folks the sides are aligning and the gulf is widening

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Written by: TheKingDude

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Wil Shrader Jr.

I am forwarding Lysander Spooner on to my victims. I am faced with those who either through will or fear resist to accept the Right of self-government to extend as far as secession or independence, as it should be understood to be the same.

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