The Trump Show – Just Three Turnbuckles Away From WWE

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Remember when we had the tech crash in 2000 and 2001?  This is the first crisis they seized the opportunity.  They began whittling down the resistance.  They were finally able to execute full bore the plan after the 2008 crash and the disaster on Wall Street.  Remember that one?  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Is this a debate tonight or is this the second episode of a heavy-weight boxing match or a World Wrestling Enterprise presentation?  Mr. Battaglio asks the question.


Or the second episode of a wildly successful hit show. CNN anticipates its largest audience ever when Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and nine other contenders meet Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. It would achieve that plateau by getting 75% of the 24 million viewers who watched the first GOP debate of the 2016 presidential race on the Fox News Channel on Aug. 6, the surprise must-see TV event of the summer. [Mike: In other words, folks, Trumpzilla has been good for television ratings and thus television revenues. That’s a coincidence, right?]

The previous audience high for a presidential primary debate on a cable news channel was the 8.7 million who watched CNN’s coverage of the Democratic contenders’ face-off on Jan. 5, 2008. In the 2012 cycle, in which President Obama did not have a primary challenger, none of the Republican debates drew more than 7.6 million viewers.

The difference is Trump, the breakout start of the 2016 campaign, who is driving up ratings, interest and poll numbers with his at times outrageous remarks . . .

Strong demand for advertising time during the CNN debate has sent prices for a 30-second spot soaring into the $150,000-$200,000 range. [/private]

[end reading]

Mike:  But don’t worry, there is no cooperation twixt big media and big government.  Oh, that’s right, and Fox did its debate for free, right?  Sure it did.  You see, folks?  You see how the game is played?  Our elite ruling masters on the East Coast, regardless of what you think about Planned Parenthood or what I think, regardless of what you think about bombing brown people in countries we can’t point to on a map, regardless of what we think about $4 trillion in spending, regardless of what you think about $220 trillion in unfunded liabilities, regardless of what we think about the Federal Reserve destroyed.  Do you realize the potential?

Somebody asked me to talk about this the other day.  I’m going to get David Simpson on here one day and we are going to talk about it.  You realize another one of the scams that has been perpetrated on the ‘Murican sheeple, no one has what’s called a savings account any longer.  If you do, the only reason you would have it is because it provides some sort of overdraft protection.  Why don’t you have a savings account anymore?  [mocking] “Mike, why does that matter?  Get back to bashing Obama or Trump or whoever.  Stop being stupid.”  Well, while I’m being stupid here for a moment, I’ll tell you why it matters.

What did the federal monstrosity do with the crisis — first of all, what did it do with the crisis, the market crashes of 2000?  Remember when we had the tech crash in 2000 and 2001?  This is the first crisis they seized the opportunity.  They began whittling down the resistance.  They were finally able to execute full bore the plan after the 2008 crash and the disaster on Wall Street.  Remember that one?  Remember the bailouts?  What was the goal of the plan?  There was too much money that was being held in worthless savings accounts.  They weren’t worthless to the people that had the money in the accounts.  They were worthless to the people that wanted the money.  They wanted the money to go where?  Into the stock market.  How do we force people to stop saving and start investing and start playing day traders with babies in cribs with E-Trade?  How do we do that?  We make it so that putting money into a savings account is a stupid idea because it doesn’t draw any interest.

Dale in Minnesota is first up here today on the Mike Church Show on the Sirius XM Patriot Channel on the eve of The Trump Show’s second episode debuting tonight at 7 Central / 8 Eastern.  You don’t have to go find the Clinton News Network to watch it because we will have the audio feed live.  David Simpson and I will be here live providing commentary on the Trumpzilla Show as it happens.  You have to be a Founders Pass Member in order to enter the chat room and get the audio feed.  You can sign up on the website at  Dale, how you doing?

Caller Daniel:  Not too bad.  You?

Mike:  I am well, I guess.  I don’t know.  How do I sound?

Caller Daniel:  The name is actually Daniel.

Mike:  I’m going to ask Owen.  Owen, from now on, when you screen calls, don’t just take people’s names.  Ask them to spell their names.  I get Dale for Daniel.  I get Ken for Kyle.  You name it.

Caller Daniel:  It’s very simple.  With the betrayal of our House of Non-Representatives and the Congress, I feel right now that there is nobody in the Republican Party that I could vote for.  They have all betrayed every one of us.

Mike:  Could you vote for anybody in the Democrat Party?

Caller Daniel:  Hell no.

Mike:  So it’s a forgone conclusion you can’t vote for a Dumbocrat, but now you can’t vote for any Republicans?

Caller Daniel:  Yeah, well, that’s the way I feel at the moment.  We’ll see what happens.  If the election happened in November this year, there would be no way I could figure out who to vote for.

Mike:  Think of it like this.  One of the ways that you might be able to assuage yourself of that — because you do want to vote for dogcatcher and you do want to vote for county councils or city councils or mayors, judges.  There are some important things that, while we have some form of democracy that we are possessed of, that you need to — you can’t just totally drop out and pay a little bit of attention to.  I would advise that.  Think of the federal vote in the sense that you’ve gotten pretty much the same results, monetarily speaking, from the election of the decepticon Republicans, which were preceded by the Nancy Pelosi Dumbocrats.  In dollars and cents, it has not made a difference.  When you put it into those terms, one of the conclusions that you could come to is that regardless of which political party of the two is in charge, the amount of spending remains constant.  There are fits and starts.  There are some years when more is spent and some years when less more is spent, but all years more is spent.  This is the point that I’m trying to emphasize here.  Regardless, it doesn’t matter. [/private]

Bookmarks_Trilogy_FEATUREDOne thing that we know about tomorrow, besides the fact that Almighty God will still be Almighty God, is that the federal monstrosity will spend more tomorrow than it spent today.  That’s a fact, jack.  It’ll spend more next month than it spent in the month of October in 2014.  You can just keep going, etc., etc.  The question is whether or not anything needs to be done about this.  Perhaps it is that we bellyache about something that we should just let it be.  Bring Paul McCartney in here: Let it be, let it be.  Either that or the answer to that query or the answer to that problem is — as I said, if you’re not going to restore subsidiarity, then I fail to see how you’re going to address this.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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