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Your Revolution Is Over “Mr. Pornalot” – How Sexual Freedom Kills our Girls

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Your Revolution Is Over “Mr. Pornalot” – How Sexual Freedom Kills our Girls

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript “Our order is so filled with sin, deceit, diabolical intentions, and diabolical results. You have mothers saying ‘Well, I want to wear those short, kind of hot pants and then go out into public.’ Why? For what reason? Folks, this is everywhere. I think because it’s ubiquitous it seems as though it’s normal. It is not normal. It is not normal for our wives and our daughters to be cavorting about in the manner that they are clothed, tempting and titillating other men. Ladies, don’t get mad at me. It is equally incumbent upon men to set and lead by example. To set and lead by example would mean you eschew the porn; no more porn…”  Check out today’s transcript and CLIP OF THE DAY for the rest….

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  “Your Revolution Is Killing Us,” by Austin Ruse.


It is inevitable that advocates for the Sexual Revolution will say all we need is a bit more of it. More orgasms. More sex-ed. More abortion. More contraception. Less guilt. More freedom, man.

But they will never acknowledge that their revolution has been tried and found wanting, wanting being a fairly benign way of saying murderous.

Their revolution has been murderous indeed and the body count grows ever higher. Yet still they want more, just a little bit more.

Pat Buchanan recently wrote, “The French Revolution was many times more terrible than the Bourbon monarchy. The Russian Revolution made[private |FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76|Founding Brother|Founding Father|FP-Lifetime] the Romanovs look benign.” You could add Mao Tse Tung, who made Chiang Kai-shek look like a schoolboy.

And so it is with the Sexual Revolution; it is many times more terrible than the supposed patriarchy it supplanted, the one where women were forced to stay home, bake cookies and never found their G-Spot.

Many revolutions have impressive body counts. But the Sexual Revolution is far and away the most impressive and it shows no sign of abating, only metastasizing. Well, maybe Plato’s Retreat closed in ’85 but Ashley Madison is alive and well, as are the sex ads at Craig’s List and Maybe the gay bathhouses closed, but check out the website Grindr. Actually, don’t.

Gay writer Jeffrey Escoffier says, “Central to the Sexual Revolution was the growing acceptance of sexual encounters between unmarried adults.” He says sexual debut came earlier and earlier and that increasing divorce “provided another opportunity for men and women (to a lesser degree) to engage in non-monogamous sexual activity.”

[end reading]

Mike:  Folks, you know that venereal disease is a punishment for sexual promiscuity.  Remember the whole order of things, how things are in an order.  If there’s a purpose to something, that means that some sentient being put thought into it.  So if there is a purpose to this world, that means that God put thought into it.  And as Brother Francis says: He didn’t take the mosquito and get a drawing pad and put the veins here and the leg there and thing to suck the blood there.  He just said: Mosquito.  There, he create mosquito.  Because he’s God and you’re not.  [mocking] “I don’t understand.  There had to be . . . .”  Exactly, you’re not going to understand.  That’s the whole part and the mystery, or mysterium fidei, the mystery of faith.  That’s why it’s called a mystery.  There’s also a mystery to life.  There is the mystery of love.  Even if you say: Mike, that’s not a mystery; we can explain it.  Yes, you can, but the process of love, the process of falling, as we say, in love, the process of loving your fellow man, the process of loving your fellow woman – I don’t mean loving in a pornographic sense either.  The process of loving your wife or your husband, your children, your mother and father, etc., this cannot be mathematically and biologically explained.

Have you seen these ridiculous television shows where they try to scan the brain of some guy that’s not in love, and then as soon as he starts falling in love, [mocking] “Well, you see, it’s happening right there in that little corner.  You see the red outline there where we’re scanning the brain?”  No, it happens because God meant for it to happen.  That’s why it happens.  These events that are triggered are not triggered out of chaos.  They are triggered out of design.  When you alter the design, as the sexual revolution has, you get different results.  The perversions that we’re seeing today in our world and our society and our civilization are the results of altering the plan.

Man fell with Adam.  You have to temper – believe me, the atheists and the agnostics and the non-believers and pagans and heathens and Buddhists and whoever else will hit you with this.  [mocking] “What are you saying?  So if you’re pursuing the grace of God, then you can’t sin in your house?  There were never any perverts or incest maniacs inside houses that were seeking and praying to your God?”  No, because man is capable of the fall.  Because of the fall, man is capable of sin.  Some say he’s predisposed to sin.  There are those that say, [mocking] “No, every man has goodwill.”  No, every man does not have goodwill.  If every man had goodwill, there would be no need to seek the grace of God.  That’s what gives you the goodwill.

The sexual revolution has ended the order man is to live under.  Note I didn’t say – there’s no equivocation there.  No dual terms.  There’s no question mark at the end of that.  That’s a statement.  Is there a truth?  Yes.  Can we know it?  Yes, we can.  Can we communicate it to others?  Yes, we can.  Failure to communicate it is what results in error.  When it results in error, man pays the price.  Currently, man is paying the price for his conceit and his deceit, and for his denial that his loving, benevolent Creator wants him to love Him back.  As we’re taught in the commandments, honor thy father and thy mother.  The ultimate Father of all of us is God.  When you don’t acknowledge that, you acknowledge positively, by action, the rule of man.  Anything is possible, like sexual revolutions, like the perversions that are part of everyday life, like immodesty.

Am I the only one that has stopped to think recently, has made mental notes and has tried to maintain custody of my eyes in spite of an erring world?  Am I the only male that has noticed – this applies, unfortunately, to my daughters who are graduating high school next Friday, and their generation and their friends.  Have you not noticed the state of sartorial affairs?  Despite our efforts, or maybe because we didn’t put enough effort in, society and civilization have told our daughters that provocative dress is not provocative.  Even if I’m talking about the church twins, provocative dress is provocative.  Immodest dress is immodest.  Women running around in these skin-tight, very revealing yoga pants is immodest.  If there’s a male – and there are plenty – with eyes and with a tendency to lust – and there are many – why give them ammo?  That’s what the sexual revolution has done.  It’s said that this is available (as I point to private areas).  You just have to have the key, and it’s not even a difficult key to find.  As a matter of fact, I’ll even show you how to get the key if you’ll just agree to take it.

This is a result of the revolution that Mr. Ruse is writing about here.  Again, the order has been upended.  It has been deviated from to the point where we create our own order.  Our order is so filled with sin, deceit, diabolical intentions, and diabolical results.  It is only those that refuse to see them that cannot and will not stop the abuse.  We won’t see it.  [mocking] “Well, I want to wear those short, kind of hot pants and then go out into public.  Why?  For what reason?  Folks, this is everywhere.  I think because it’s ubiquitous it seems as though it’s normal.  It is not normal.  It is not normal for our wives and our daughters to be cavorting about in the manner that they are clothed, tempting and titillating other men.  Ladies, don’t get mad at me.  It is equally incumbent upon men to set and lead by example.  To set and lead by example would mean you eschew the porn; no more porn.  You, yourself, take seriously your responsibility to dress appropriately, modestly.  How many guys are running around out there today – I tell Mrs. Church all the time: Men in short pans, leather shoes, and no socks is an abomination.

These things are all related.  These are a result of the sexual revolution Mr. Ruse is writing about here.  You can deny it all you want, and you can deny that they’re related to the promiscuity that our children are about to face and are about to enter a life of if they don’t receive the graces and seek the graces to forego them.  The fact that a vocation of motherhood or of wifehood is never advertised, never mentioned, and anyone that would seek to enter into it would become a public pariah.  [mocking] “Yeah, but that’s your old, fuddy-duddy – that’s not the way.”  No, this is the way of thousands and thousands, millennia of experience has said that that is The Way.  When Christ said “I am the way,” did he say “I am one of the ways” or “I am the way”?  What did he tell Pontius Pilate before Abraham?  “I am,” not “I was,” “I am.”  There aren’t ways, there’s way.  That’s why this ridiculous feud, this 500-year-old, ridiculous, suicidal feud – I say suicidal to the soul – that [mocking] “You read that that way and we read it this way.”  No, there’s only one way to read it.  There’s The Way.  That’s how it’s read.  That’s how it was read.  That’s how it was understood.

I heard somebody comment on this, just as a sidebar, the other day, about how traditions come about, specifically religious or liturgical traditions come about.  They don’t come about because a bunch of guys get together in a room and go: Hey we ought to do this.  They come about as a result of revelation – I mean divine revelation – and as a result of that revelation being practiced, the men and women that seeks truth and seek to live and to seek grace and graces, their souls tell them, through the course of time: That adds beauty to that; that’s beautiful.  You should continue that.

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Over the course of time, it then becomes something that can be counted upon.  It becomes something that is a loved part of some liturgical right, or some traditional part of our lives, like marriage, like the rearing of children, like the virtuous man seeking virtue in all things, and as part of seeking that virtue, not allowing himself to think of women as the sexual revolution tells him he should think of them.

You realize how difficult that is but how much grace you earn, gentlemen, when we take control and custody of our eyes and turn away from the porn, when we take control and custody of our eyes and turn away from the scantily-clad female, when we take control of and through the seeking of the grace of virtue turn away from the person that’s trying to display the porn, the nudity, whatever the case may be.  You are acting as a defender, a chivalrous defender of the female, of the feminine order.  That’s what you’re doing.  But let’s talk about government, shall we?  Government is how we can fix all this.  If we can get the government right and tune it in – no, we must fix the ecclesiastical order first.  The government is subordinate to that order.  Then you’ll have good government and good people.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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