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Time To Restore The Queenship of Mary In NOLA, The Speech

[remarks delivered by Mike Church at the CRUSADER Knights of the Most Holy Rosary, Rosary Rally for Life. Delivered publicly in New Orleans, 22 June, anno domini, 2019] Good afternoon, I want to thank all of you for coming out today on this beautiful, yet hot Saturday afternoon in June, the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ. The purpose we are gathered for here today […]

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Father Francis Simpson Hero And D-Day CRUSADER

Father Francis Simpson Hero - The story of one priests heroic actions on D-Day and Our Lady's intervention to save his squadron Friends and Founders Pass Member/owners. At this late stage in our crowdfunding effort, the odds of The Golden Truth Ticket meeting its survival level goal of 500 tickets sold have a faint glimmer of a chance; the odds of our hitting our expansive level goal require a providential […]

todayJune 5, 2019



Note To Catholic Media: G.K. Chesterton Was NOT A Socialist

Chesterton Was Not A Socialist Editor's note: A strange, novelty has blossomed in various Catholic media of late, it has become fashionable to call G.K. Chesterton "a socialist" and also make the simultaneous claim that the clumsily named theory of "Distributism" is a loving stepchild of Karl Marx. Ask almost anyone who has taken the time to actually read Orthodoxy, Everlasting Man and What's Wrong With The World and the […]

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Lives Of The Saints

Paradiso, Paradiso! I Prefer Heaven! The Joy of Saint Philip Neri

"I Prefer Heaven" The beautiful and happy holiness of Saint Philip Neri, The 3rd Apostle of Rome by Mike Church This happy angel in human flesh was a living answer to the insults heaped upon the Catholic Church by the so-called Reformation. Don Prosper Gueranger describes Saint Phillip Neri, thus. This Seraph in human flesh was a living answer to the insults heaped upon the Catholic Church by the so-called […]

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How I Stand Accused of “Slut Shaming” By Nancy Pelosi-ized “Catholics”

Accused of "Slut Shaming" by Mike Church Yesterday started off innocent enough, until my friend Dan M sent me an email alerting me to the following: Catholic teens protest high school skirt ban, demand their old uniforms back: 'This is absolutely sexist'. I posted the story and my comments to Twitter, 24 hours a later, a gaggle of teenagers formed a Twitter lynch mob to reprimand me for "slut-shaming". My […]

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The CRUSADER Monastery Prayer List

Mandeville, LA - The CRUSADER monastery prayer list started when a listener asked me to pray for his granddaughter born pre-mature at 26 weeks. Since then HUNDREDS have petitioned the group for their intentions and hundreds have joined the email updates on the latest intentions. To submit a prayer intention or join the mailing list simply email:   The list is run and administered by Mrs. Melissa Linscomb.

todayMarch 11, 2019


The KingDude Has Moved to High Noon!

The Mike Church Show is now broadcast to the world via the CRUSADE Channel and the CRUSADE channel's app and YouTube feed! But during this preview week you can listen to and watch the Mike Church Show and the other, awesome, 21 hours of daily programming on the CRUSADE Channel. Click the image below to start your 30 day FREE trial which includes podcasts of the latest Mike Church Show […]

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